The School of Business offers videos for university use. The details:

  • Wake Forest users can view and download videos from our WFU School of Business Vimeo and Wake Forest University School of Business YouTube accounts.
  • All videos are the property of Wake Forest University School of Business and are copyright protected. These videos are intended for official use only and may not be sold or licensed for sale or publication.
  • Marketing & Communications provides videography support for the School of Business using staff and freelance videographers. Please provide as much advance notice to submit a request. Any costs associated with your request will be billed to your department.
  • To request videography services, please fill out the Video Request Form.
  • Questions about videography? Contact Stephanie Skordas at 336-758-4098 or

Below are some examples of our videos. Check out our Vimeo and YouTube pages for more.

Video Request Form