Alumni Success Stories


Trevor DoolittleTrevor Doolittle

Current Employer: Novant Health Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Current Position: PA-C with Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon

How has the dual degree helped you professionally so far? On top of the healthcare knowledge I gained during PA school, the dual degree program helped with many of the softer skills such as communication and teamwork. Both programs place a strong emphasis on communication, particularly among team members. I use these skills daily while presenting patients to my attending surgeon as well as other providers. At my job we work in teams constantly, both in clinic and in the operating room. The skills I gained during these programs allowed me to integrate quickly and effectively into these teams as a new grad.

How do you see the MSM/PA degree affecting your career in the future? My goal is to gain as much healthcare knowledge and experience as possible before transitioning into a management role. At that point, I would be more likely to utilize the skills I learned in courses such as accounting and finance. As of now, the dual degree has given me the leadership skills I need to position myself in preparation for pursuing that sort of role.

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