Navigating Global Cultures in Business Series

Overview: The WFUSB Navigating Global Cultures in Business Series is an immersive series designed to develop students’ cultural intelligence (CQ) and global business acumen. By leveraging insights from the 10 Cultural Clusters in the world and the 10 Cultural Values associated with those clusters, this series equips students with the tools to navigate and thrive in diverse cultural environments. Participants will appreciate the importance of understanding cultural dimensions, enhancing intercultural communication skills, and creating inclusive business strategies.

What You Can Expect: Students will participate in interactive workshops, conduct regional business practice analyses, and pitch international business opportunities that highlight both successful and challenging examples of cross-cultural business ventures. Key components of the series include:

  1. Introduction to Global Business Cultures:
    • Understanding cultural dimensions (Hofstede, House)
    • Importance of cultural intelligence (CQ)
  2. Enhancing Cultural Intelligence (CQ):
    • Develop cultural intelligence to improve adaptability and effectiveness in diverse social and business environments.
    • Participate in group activities to analyze business cases with cross-cultural themes, such as the success of Disney in China and the challenges faced by Walmart in Germany.
  3. Regional Business Practices:
    • Explore hierarchical structures and relationship-based business practices in the 10 Cultural Clusters.
    • Understand cultural preferences and their impact on business operations in different regions of the world.
  4. Case Studies and Applications:
    • Analyze real-world examples to understand the role of cultural intelligence in business success and failure.
    • Discuss and reflect on case studies in small groups, identifying key cultural miscalculations and successes.
  5. Creating Inclusive Environments:
    • Encourage open-mindedness through cultural experiences.
    • Promote intercultural communication skills crucial for successful global collaboration.
    • Foster inclusivity through active engagement in cultural activities.

Benefits for Students:

  • Cultural Competence: Gain a deep understanding of cultural norms and business practices across different regions.
  • Global Awareness: Stay informed about international market trends and geopolitical factors affecting global business.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Develop “prompt engineering” skills by leveraging AI tools to guide strategic decision-making when launching a business in a foreign country.
  • Practical Application: Apply analytical frameworks to real-world business scenarios, enhancing problem-solving and strategic thinking skills.