Call to Conversation Series

Overview: The WFUSB Call to Conversation Series is designed to engage faculty and staff in meaningful discussions on polarizing topics both within the United States and globally. This series leverages constructive frameworks to foster mutual understanding and respect, promoting an inclusive and supportive community within the Wake Forest University School of Business (WFUSB).

What You Can Expect: Participants will delve into challenging conversations with the goal of enhancing critical thinking, communication skills, and inclusivity. Each session is structured to ensure open and respectful dialogue, enabling participants to explore diverse perspectives in a safe and welcoming environment. This initiative not only strengthens interpersonal connections but also prepares participants to navigate complex societal issues with empathy and insight.

Key Features:

  1. Interactive Workshops:
    • Engaging sessions focused on developing critical thinking and communication skills.
    • Opportunities to discuss and analyze current and global issues.
  2. Inclusive Dialogue:
    • Structured frameworks that ensure open, respectful, and productive conversations.
    • Tools and strategies for addressing polarizing topics constructively.
  3. Community Building:
    • Strengthening relationships among faculty and staff through shared experiences.
    • Promoting a culture of mutual understanding and respect within WFUSB.

Benefits for Students:

  • Enhanced Critical Thinking: Faculty and staff develop the ability to analyze and understand diverse viewpoints.
  • Improved Communication Skills: Faculty and staff learn to articulate thoughts clearly and listen actively to others.
  • Inclusivity and Respect: Faculty and staff contribute to a more inclusive campus culture by engaging in respectful and open dialogue.
  • Supportive Community: Faculty and staff build stronger relationships with peers, students, and other School community stakeholders through shared experiences.