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Professor Narus specializes in Business-to-Business Marketing. He serves as a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Business Markets at The Pennsylvania State University and on the Committee of Science at the Ecole de Management de Normandie in France. Jim is co-author of the management practice book, "Value Merchants", the textbook, "Business Market Management: Understanding, Creating, and Delivering Value", and "Build, Fix, or Terminate: The Distributor's Guide to More Profitable Supplier Relations"; and the author of the book, "Connect with Your Suppliers: A Wholesaler-Distributor's Guide to Electronic Communications Systems". Two of his Harvard Business Review articles -- "Customer Value Propositions" and "Tiebreaker Selling" -- have been designated among "HBRs 10 Must Reads" on Strategic Marketing and Sales, respectively. Professor Narus not only is involved in a variety of international marketing research projects but also regularly teaches abroad at such schools as Universidad Torcuato di Tella (Argentina), Management Center Europe (Belgium), Fundacao Dom Cabral (Brazil), University College Dublin (Ireland), University of Helsinki (Finland), Bordeaux School of Management (France), and University of Twente (The Netherlands). He has worked as a marketing professor at Wake Forest University since January 1988. Prior to his academic career, Jim served as a Market Research Fellow & Analyst at the DuPont Corporation in Wilmington, DE.

Business-to-Business Marketing; Customer Value Management

  • Ph D, Syracuse University (Marketing Management) - 1981
  • MBA, University of Connecticut (Marketing Management) - 1975
  • BA, University of Connecticut (Cell Biology) - 1973

Research Interests

  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Digital Marketing & Purchasing
  • Customer Value Management

Teaching Interests

  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Marketing Channel Management
  • Marketing Performance Assessment

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  • 2017 - High Impact Scholarship Award, 2017 and 2011, Wake Forest University School of Business
  • 2017 - Distinguished Rotarian Award 2016-2017, Rotary International District 7680
  • 2015 - Committee of Science Member (2015 to the present), Ecole de Management de Normandie, France
  • 1994 - Research Fellow (1994 to the present), Institute for the Study of Business Markets at The Pennsylvania State University

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