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I am a marketing researcher who is interested in using data to analyze marketing problems that also have strong relevance in other areas including organizational behavior and human resources, operations management, economics, and strategy, and that can have a practical impact on multiple functions of companies. While multidisciplinary research has been gaining increasing recognition and emphasis, truly interdisciplinary studies remain rare.

Specifically, I have sought to bridge disciplines through three research pillars: (1) social and peer influence in marketing, (2) new marketing channels, and (3) the application of machine learning and big data in business. As an empirical modeler, I have applied econometric techniques, structural modeling, and machine learning methods on large-scale company internal data to answer my research questions. I have also conducted field experiments in real firms.

My research outcomes have been published in not only a best marketing journal (Marketing Science and Journal of Marketing) but also the top general management journal (Management Science), the flagship journal in operations management (Production and Operations Management), and a leading journal in industrial organization (International journal of Industrial Organization). My work has been cited by researchers in many disciplines, such as Science, Management Science, Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research, Strategic Management Journal, and Academy of Management Journal. I have been invited to present my research in many preeminent business schools all over the world such as University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Peking University Guanghua School of Management, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, and University of Sydney Business School.

Marketing Analytics, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Marketing

  • Ph D, Washington University in St. Louis- 2010

Research Interests

  • Substance: Retailing, E-commerce, Sales Management, Branding and Consumer Behavior, Social and Peer Influence in Marketing, Sustainable and Green Marketing, Societal Impact of Marketing Practices

    Methodology: Quantitative Marketing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Marketing,
    Designing and Conducting Field Experiments

Teaching Interests

  • Marketing Analytics, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Marketing Management, Marketing Research

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  • 2024 - Robinson-Lightcap Faculty Fellow, Wake Forest University, School of Business
  • 2017 - Coca-Cola Rising Faculty Fellowship, Wake Forest University, School of Business

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