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Jeff Camm

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty; Academic Director of the Center for Analytics Impact; Inmar Presidential Chair in Analytics,; Professor

Jeffrey Camm is Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and the Inmar Presidential Chair of Analytics at the Wake Forest University School of Business. From 2015-2022, he served as the Associate Dean for Business Analytics programs and led the creation and launch of both the on-campus and on-line MS in Business Analytics programs.

Dr. Camm's scholarship is on the application of optimization modeling to difficult decision problems in a diverse set of application areas including, operations planning and scheduling, supply chain optimization, product design, and conservation. His research has been featured in Business Week/Financial Times-ranked academic journals such as Management Science and Operations Research as well as the renowned journal Science.

Professor Camm has received a number of teaching awards including the 2006 INFORMS Prize for the Teaching of OR/MS practice. He is coauthor of ten texts on business statistics, management science, and business analytics. He has also been active in the profession, serving in numerous roles within INFORMS, including six years as the editor in chief of Interfaces, the INFORMS journal on practice. He received the 2016 George E. Kimball Medal for distinguished service to the operations research profession and in 2017 he was named an INFORMS Fellow.

Professor Camm received his PhD in Management Science from Clemson University and a BS in Mathematics from Xavier University. He previously held the Joseph S. Stern Chair in Business Analytics in the Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati, where he served as department head for twenty years, was awarded the life-time appointment as a Fellow of the Graduate School, and was the founding director of the UC Center for Business Analytics. He has also held positions of visiting professor of business administration at the Tuck school of Business at Dartmouth College and visiting scholar at Stanford University. He has consulted for numerous corporations including Procter and Gamble, Owens Corning, GE, Tyco, Ace Hardware, Boar's Head, Brooks Running Shoes and Kroger among others.

Supply Chain Design

  • Ph D, Clemson University (Management Science) - 1984
  • BS, Xavier University (Mathematics) - 1980

Research Interests

  • Optimization modeling and algorithms

Teaching Interests

  • Business Analytics, Optimization

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  • 2017 - INFORMS Fellow, INFORMS
  • 2016 - George E. Kimball Medal, INFORMS
  • 2006 - INFORMS Prize for Teaching of OR/MS Practice, INFORMS
  • 2006 - Supply Chain Rainmaker, DC Velocity Magazine
  • 2001 - Dornoff Fellow of Teaching Excellence, University of Cincinnati, Lindner College of Business
  • 1996 - Edelman Laureate , INFORMS

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