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Prior to joining the faculty at Wake Forest, Dr. Boone taught courses in marketing and entrepreneurship at Duke University and worked in sales and marketing for Merck Pharmaceutical Company. He also served 26 years of combined active and reserve military service as a naval flight officer and surface warfare officer, and holds the rank of Captain, United States Navy (Retired).

Dr. Boone is a member of numerous professional organizations and serves as board president for several non-profit civic organizations.

Dr. Boone's expertise includes multivariate statistical analysis, business analytics, marketing and marketing research, consumer behavior, and behavioral decision theory.

  • Ph D, Duke Univeristy (Marketing) - 1997
  • MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University (Management) - 1989
  • BA, UNC-Chapel Hill (Chemistry) - 1981

Research Interests

  • Dr. Boone's research interests focus on multivariate statistical analysis, analytical modeling, consumer behavior, and behavioral decision theory.

Teaching Interests

  • Dr. Boone teaches courses in business analytics, marketing research, marketing management, and new product development.

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  • 2013 - Kienzle Teaching Award, School of Business
  • 2010 - Outstanding Educator of the Year, Winston-Salem Evening MBA Program, Schools of Business
  • 2010 - MBA Teaching Innovation Award, Schools of Business
  • 2009 - Outstanding Educator of the Year, Winston-Salem Evening MBA Program, Schools of Business
  • 2008 - Outstanding Educator of the Year, Charlotte Evening MBA Program, Babcock Graduate School of Management
  • 1995 - Duke University Fellowship, Duke University
  • 1995 - General Electric Faculty for the Future Minority Doctoral Student Fellowship, General Electric
  • 1995 - Member, Alpha Mu Alpha
  • 1993 - H. Naylor Fitzhugh Fellowship, National Black MBA Association, Inc.
  • 1991 - American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business Scholarship, American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business
  • 1989 - Member, Delta Mu Delta

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