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Dr. Charles L. Iacovou

Sisel Distinguished Dean of the School of Business; Professor of Management; Kirby Chair in Business Excellence

Dr. Charles Iacovou is dean of the Wake Forest University School of Business, the Kirby Chair in Business Excellence, and professor of management. Dr. Iacovou became the dean of our school in 2014. He is responsible for the strategic leadership of the school and is currently guiding a significant evolution of our program portfolio to ensure its continued excellence and relevance to the evolving leadership talent needs in business and beyond. He provides oversight to the school's degree and non-degree programs, faculty affairs, academic centers, alumni and corporate engagement, fundraising, financial resource management, and all other administrative functions. In collaboration with the school's leadership team, faculty, and staff, he is dedicated to optimizing the professional preparation of over 1,200 graduate and undergraduate students in a way that embraces the liberal arts-based educational foundation of Wake Forest University as well as the school's deeply held, mission-driven commitment to industry relevance.

With extensive teaching experience in information systems management, Dr. Iacovou has taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses on information technology (IT) management, project management, IT strategy, emerging technologies, programming, and business simulation. A student-centered teacher who utilizes experiential learning methods to challenge and develop his students, Dr. Iacovou has received several teaching awards from students and alumni.

Dr. Iacovou has published extensively on the subjects of IT management, project management, outsourcing, and organizational decision-making and communication. Much of his research work is field-based and is frequently sponsored by business organizations and associations. MIS Quarterly, Journal of Business Ethics, MIT Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, Communications of the ACM, Information & Management, and other leading journals have published his work, which has been granted several awards for its significant impact on the academy and practice of management.

Before joining Wake Forest University in 2001, Dr. Iacovou managed an electronic bank within a multinational conglomerate based in Europe. He was responsible for the management of electronic retail, commercial banking, and brokerage products. In that role, he provided strategic and operational direction to a diverse team of leaders who managed the development and delivery of electronic products across a variety of self-service channels (including mobile phones, ATMs, call centers, web, and interactive TV). During the past three decades, Dr. Iacovou has provided strategic planning, management consulting, and leadership training services to firms in industries such as financial services, international trade, logistics, media, and others.

Dr. Iacovou was a faculty member at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University from 1997 to 1999. He received his PhD degree in Management Information Systems from the University of British Columbia and his BSc degree in Business Administration from the University of Vermont. Dr. Iacovou completed his undergraduate studies with the support of a scholarship from the Cyprus Fulbright Commission.

Dr. Iacovou's expertise includes information technology management, project management, outsourcing of IT services, electronic channels in financial services and academic administration.

  • Ph D, University of British Columbia (Business Administration) - 1999
  • BS, University of Vermont (Business Administration) - 1992

Research Interests

  • IT Project Management
  • Strategy and Technology
  • Pedagogical Innovations
  • Higher Education

Teaching Interests

  • Management of Information Technology
  • Technology Strategy
  • Project Management

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  • 2011 - Outstanding Educator Award, 2010 Class of Charlotte Saturday MBA Program, Wake Forest University
  • 2010 - Cowan Faculty Research Award, Schools of Business, Wake Forest University
  • 2010 - Kienzle Teaching Award, Schools of Business, Wake Forest University
  • 2010 - Spirit of the Schools of Business Award, Schools of Business, Wake Forest University
  • 2009 - Kienzle Teaching Award, Wake Forest University
  • 2008 - Babcock Educator Award, 2007 Class of Charlotte Saturday MBA Program, Wake Forest University
  • 2008 - Outstanding Teaching Award , 2007 Class of Executive MBA Program, Wake Forest University
  • 2006 - Educator of the Year Award, Babcock Graduate School of Management, Wake Forest University
  • 2005 - Professor of the Year Award, 2005 Class of Charlotte Evening MBA Program, Wake Forest University
  • 2005 - Accenture Award (for Best Paper Published in California Management Review), California Management Review
  • 2003 - Outstanding Teaching Award, 2003 Class of Charlotte Evening MBA Program, Wake Forest University
  • 1999 - Best "Gateway to Business" Professor Award, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University
  • 1996 - Outstanding Teaching by Doctoral Student Award, Faculty of Commerce, University of British Columbia

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