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Picture of Dr. Bill Marcum

Dr. Bill Marcum

Wall Street Partners Fellow; Undergraduate Program Director, Finance, Associate Professor

  • Ph D, UNC at Chapel Hill (Finance) - 1996
  • MA, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Economics) - 1990
  • BA, Univ of North Carolina at Greensboro (Economics) - 1985
  • BA, Furman University (Political Philosophy) - 1982

Research Interests

  • Corporate Finance and investments, specifically, stock market reaction to dividends
  • Valuation and the Relation between Shareholders and Stakeholders. I'm very interested in Austrian Economics these days and value perception.

Teaching Interests

  • Corporate Finance
  • International Finance

  • Marcum, B.,  Sayari Marcum, N. (Forthcoming). Board Systems, employee representation, and neo-institutional theory: The moderating effect of economic freedom on corporate boards and financial performance. Managerial and Decision Economics/ Wiley.  | more information
  • Marcum, B.,  Sayari, N. (Forthcoming). Reducing Risk in the Emerging Markets: Does Enhancing Corporate Governance Work? Business Research Quarterly.  | more information
  • Strickland, D., Marcum, B.,  Martin, D. (Forthcoming). Are US Firms Stockpiling Too Much Cash? The Journal of Corporate Accounting and Fiance.
  • Marcum, B.,  Goddard, G. J. (Forthcoming). The Good, the Bad and the 1031 Exchange. The RMA Journal.  | more information
  • Marcum, B.,  Goddard, G. J. (Forthcoming). The Crowd is Untruth: The Problem of Cap Rates in a Declining Market. Risk Management Association (RMA) Journal.  | more information
  • Sayari, N. (Forthcoming). Do US Corporate Governance Standards Effectively Discourage Risk in the Emerging Markets? .
  • Marcum, B.,  Goddarad, G. J. (Forthcoming). The Case of the Discounted Sellout: Reducing the Risk of Condo Project Financing. The RMA Journal.  | more information
  • Marcum, B.,  Sayari, N. (2017).  Corporate Governance and Financial Performance in the Emerging Markets: Do ADRs Perform any Better than Non-Cross-Listed Firms?  Soner Gokten and Guray Kucukkocaoglu (Ed.), Financial Management from an Emerging Market Perspective (pp. 149-171). London: InTech Open Limited.  | more information
  • Marcum, B., Martin, D.,  Strickland, D. (2015). Merger Waves and Corporate Inversions - Causes and Consequences. Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance (July/August, 2015)
  • Strickland, D., Marcum, B.,  Martin, D. (2013). U.S. Firms: Still Holding Too Much Cash? Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance,  23-31.
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  • Marcum, B., Cooper, M.,  Gutierrez, R. C. (2005). On the Predicatiblity of Stock Returns in Real Time. Journal of Business, 78 (2),  469-499.
  • Marcum, B.,  Robin, D. (2003). Understanding Ethical Attitudes of Insurance Practitioners. CPCU Journal, 56 (5),  18 pages.  | more information
  • Marcum, B., Cotter, J.,  Martin, D. (2003). A Cure for Outdated Capital Budgeting Techniques. Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, 14,  71-80.
  • Marcum, B., Bridges, S.,  Harrison, K. (2003). The Relation Between Employee Perceptions of Stakeholder Balance and Corporate Financial Performance. SAM Advanced Management Journal, 22,  55-75.
  • Marcum, B.,  Bridges, S. (2001). Back to Business Basics: Buyers, Benefits and Brands on the Internet. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, 13,  71-82.
  • Marcum, B.,  Cotter, J. (2001). The Limits of Reverse Auction Pricing and Priceline.com. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, 13,  23-32.

  • 2016 - Alumni Teaching Award, School of Business
  • 2016 - Service Award, School of Business
  • 2013 - Saturday Charlotte teaching award
  • 2012 - Saturday Charlotte teaching award
  • 2009 - Senior Teaching Award, Undergraduate business school
  • 2006 - Senior Teaching Award, Calloway
  • 2003 - Senior Teaching Award, Calloway

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