Meet our Charlotte Saturday MBA Ambassadors


Wake Forest Charlotte Saturday MBA program Ambassadors are current students who are available and eager to answer any questions you might have. Our Ambassadors know the program and the path to get there better than anyone, so they can give you the first-hand student perspective you need. We encourage you to reach out any of the ambassadors listed below via email regarding questions about the program, application process, career resources, life at Wake Forest, living in Charlotte, or any other questions you may have.



Ryan Eaton

Ryan Eaton


City: Clover, SC
Company: Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group
Job Function/Industry: Financial Services – Finance
Major/Minor: BS, Corporate Finance

Why the Wake MBA? Best of both worlds. I wanted a world-class education on a Part Time Schedule. Wake fit the mold.

Why an Ambassador? Perspective. Drive & Desire. Confidence. Friends who feel more like family.

Lidia Garcia SundbergLidia Garcia Sundberg


City: Monterrey, N.L. (Mexico)
Company: Sika Automotive Gastonia
Job Function/Industry: Manufacturing – Operations/Logistics
Major/Minor: Chemical Engineering

Why the Wake MBA? Schedule was the most important thing for me, but just as important was to have an in-person program where I can go and learn from other individuals, the Saturday program worked great since I just think about it as an “extra day of work” Wake Forest’s long history of success was also an important deciding factor, I will graduate this year (2019) and I don’t have any regrets on the choice I made. They (WFU) not only develop the student, but the person to be an active member of the community and live out the motto Pro-Humanitate

Why an Ambassador? I have gained so much confidence in many aspects, coming from an engineering background, but working in a business environment, now I can present myself as a well-informed business person, with a good technical background, but also who can make good business decisions. You learn so much about yourself, things you didn’t know existed in you, the professors help you develop and challenge you to grow, academically, personally and to me also spiritually.

John Shinas

John Shinas


City: Charlotte, NC
Company: Insulating Services Inc
Job Function/Industry: Construction – General Management,Marketing/Sales
Major/Minor: BS Mechanical Engineering

Why the Wake MBA? Reputation, Charlotte Center campus with Saturday class availability, in person cohort model

Why an Ambassador? Soft skills such as leadership/organizational behavior skills. Met a lot of great people and expanded my personal and professional network.

Ron CuretonRon Cureton


City: Charlotte, NC
Company: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Job Function/Industry: Energy/Utilities – Engineer
Major/Minor: Electrical Engineering

Why the Wake MBA? I initially chose the Wake Forest Charlotte MBA based on location and reputation. After further research, I was also drawn to the idea of a cohort based program where I would matriculate with the same classmates.

Why an Ambassador? Coming from a non-business background, I have expanded my knowledge in a variety of business topics. I have also gained practical leadership and team building skills that I have already been able to apply.

Jeet SutharJeet Suthar


City: Charlotte, NC
Company: TriMedX
Job Function/Industry: Accounting,Healthcare – Accounting,Finance
Undergraduate School: University of Colorado, Boulder
Major/Minor: Double Major; Finance & Accounting

Why the Wake MBA? WFU Charlotte MBA offers a rigorous MBA program allowing you to gain real-world experience whilst also learning skills to becoming a great leader.

Why an Ambassador? On a personal level, I have advanced my public speaking skills. Professionally, I have learned to view various organizational problems via multiple lenses to ensure the proper solution(s) are applied.

Brandi CorbelloBrandi Corbello


City: Florence, KY
Company: Cushman & Wakefield
Job Function/Industry: Consulting,Real Estate/Construction,Technology – Analytics,Consulting,Finance
Undergraduate School: University of Colorado, Boulder
Major/Minor: Finance & Accounting

Why the Wake MBA? I chose the Wake Forest Charlotte MBA Program for the lock-step curriculum, regional & nation recognition, diversity of the program & classmates as well as the focus on prohumanitate.

Why an Ambassador? I have gained the best group of friends who are all like minded and that I have learned the most from in the last couple of years.

Elana FortinoElana Fortino


City: Taos, NM
Job Function/Industry: Not Employed
Undergraduate School: University of Colorado, Boulder
Major/Minor: Biology and Marketing

Why the Wake MBA? I chose the Wake Forest Charlotte program because I wanted to earn my MBA at a highly ranked business school that offered a traditional classroom experience and a lockstep cohort based program. The Saturday program offered me the flexibility I needed as a stay-at-home parent preparing to reenter the workforce. The diversity of students admitted to each cohort, as well as the opportunity to learn from both professors of practice and those whose career was in academia, were also key contributing factors in my decision.

Why an Ambassador? I have gained the knowledge and skills needed to become a future business leader, and expanded my professional network extensively.


Anyle Colebrook


City: Nassau, Bahamas
Company: TIAA
Job Function/Industry: Financial Services – Program Management
Undergraduate School: ?????
Major/Minor: International Business

Why the Wake MBA? To Develop my career and for networking opportunities

Why an Ambassador? The ability to surround myself with professionals with a wide knowledge base from different industries allows for unlimited learning. Having the opportunity to leverage these long lasting friendships and connections is something you can not find anywhere else.

Chris StroutChris Strout


City: Charlotte, NC
Company: Bank of America
Job Function/Industry: Financial Services – Data Management
Undergraduate School: ??????
Major/Minor: Journalism, MBA, Master of Science Predictive Analytics

Why the Wake MBA? I looked into Wake Forest because of its reputation. I chose it because of the caliber of people in and supporting the program, its rigor, and the opportunities I knew would be created.

Why an Ambassador? My Wake Forest experience has created an amazing network of friends and fellow Deacs on whom I know I can rely at any point, for any reason. Professionally, I found a new career in a new city, and the program gave me the confidence to make the most of it.

Geoff NauGeoff Nau


City: Winston-Salem, NC
Company: Allscripts, Inc.
Job Function/Industry: Healthcare,Pharma/Biotech,Technology – General Management
Undergraduate School: University of North Carolina Charlotte
Major/Minor: Nursing and Doctoral student at UNCC

Why the Wake MBA? Saturday’s with no disruptions with class during the week. Great opportunity with having classes just one day a week.

Why an Ambassador? Better knowledge of the various spaces within business as well as aiding in a terminal degree. Having Wake Forest in my education background arsenal, it sets me apart from status quo and has allowed me to go on with my education for a terminal degree.

Kristen CosbyKristen Cosby


City: Richmond, VA
Company: Wells Fargo
Job Function/Industry: Financial Services – Operations/Logistics
Undergraduate School: ???????
Major/Minor: Business Administration, concentration in Marketing

Why the Wake MBA? I chose the Wake Forest MBA program because it is nationally ranked among the top business schools full-time and part-time. It’s exciting and an honor to be a part of the longevity and success of the Wake Forest Business program. I also really liked the option to take Saturday classes. As a full-time professional in the banking industry, single mother and entrepreneur the flexibility and schedule options this program offers was a huge deciding factor for me when looking at graduate programs.

Why an Ambassador? I gained the most from the courses this program offers because it really helped me to build on my leadership and communications skills. The confidence you having walking in the door on the first day of class only becomes greater as you continue with the program.

Ryan Cottrel

Ryan Cottrel


City: Boone, NC
Company: Sanofi
Job Function/Industry: Healthcare,Pharma/Biotech – Analytics,Finance,Marketing/Sales
Undergraduate School: ??????
Major/Minor: Business Administration Management

Why the Wake MBA?  Attaining my masters was never a question of if but rather when and where. I selected the Wake Fores

t program due to the curriculum, structure, and prestige. In my humble opinion, the ability that Wake Forest gives you to interact with like-minded professionals, in a classroom setting guided by elite professors is the only way to fully maximize learning.

Why an Ambassador? The wake forest masters program has built a solid foundation of advanced Business techniques which I could immediately apply within my profession. It is also assisted me in cross functional work which requires a fundamental knowledge of business practice outside of my specialty.

Lucas AskinsLucas Askins


City: Columbia, SC
Company: BB&T
Job Function/Industry: Financial Services – Finance
Undergraduate School: ???????
Major/Minor: Finance

Why the Wake MBA? I knew earning a MBA would be a significant investment of time and money, so I sought out a school with a reputation for delivering a superior education and producing great leaders. I was not interested in completing a MBA program to check a box, but rather to continue to my own personal development and to connect with other people that had similar goals.

Why an Ambassador? I am confident that the knowledge and skills I took away from the program, combined with my expanded network of personal relationships, will continue to produce new opportunities for me professionally. Soon after completing the program I joined a new team within my organization and was able to dive in and make an immediate impact. What should have been a steep learning curve turned into an easy transition.

Alexandria CarpenterAlexandria Carpenter


City: Dayton, OH
Company: Providence Health / Life Point
Job Function/Industry: Healthcare – General Management
Undergraduate School: ???????
Major/Minor: Management and Entrepreneurship

Why the Wake MBA? Applying the knowledge gained from a MBA education provides more opportunities that lead to a higher salary. I chose Wake Forest specifically because the program delivers a holistic business education that teaches analytical, functional, ethical, and interpersonal leadership skills. This approach provides a professional edge that allows for even greater opportunity.

Why an Ambassador? Since earning an MBA from Wake Forest, I have been provided an opportunity to share my passion for operations and communicate more effectively. I am able to leverage my expanded leadership skills to collaborate to meet goals, build teams, and work within them. Expanding my perspectives and approaches has afforded me a significant promotion and many more opportunities that I never would have had previously.

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