Meet our Charlotte Evening MBA Ambassadors


Wake Forest Charlotte Evening MBA program Ambassadors are current students who are available and eager to answer any questions you might have. Our Ambassadors know the program and the path to get there better than anyone, so they can give you the first-hand student perspective you need. We encourage you to reach out any of the ambassadors listed below via email regarding questions about the program, application process, career resources, life at Wake Forest, living in Charlotte, or any other questions you may have.



Jonny IsleyJonny Isley


City: Charlotte, NC
Company: NASCAR Productions
Job Function/Industry: Media/Entertainment/Sports – Operations/Logistics
Major/Minor: Corporate Communications

Why the Wake MBA? I wanted to be part of a competitive MBA program that would help me develop my skills and give me the opportunity to learn from experienced faculty and classmates. After meeting with Wake Forest’s staff and alumni, I knew I had found the right program.

Why an Ambassador? Wake Forest’s MBA program has helped me grow in confidence and competence. My time here has excelled my growth in becoming a leader for my company, my family and my community.

Travis BrowningTravis Browning


City: Starke, FL
Company: Liberty Mutual
Job Function/Industry: Insurance – General Management
Major/Minor: Electrical Engineering

Why the Wake MBA? I chose Wake because of the networking opportunity. I also wanted an in-person experience.

Why an Ambassador? Coming from an engineering background, I have picked up new business knowledge that I have been able to use in my current role. I have also made connections in a broad array of industries.

Sydne Stone

Sydne Stone


City: Kernersville, NC
Company: Duke Energy
Job Function/Industry: Energy/Utilities – Consulting,Operations/Logistics
Major/Minor: Chemical Engineering

Why the Wake MBA? I wanted to gain a respected degree while being part of an unmatched community. Wake Forest allowed that through the in person classes and a great network in the Charlotte area.

Why an Ambassador? An in- depth knowledge on subjects I knew nothing about, improved people skills, and a network larger than I’d imagined when starting.

Kelly MeltonKelly Melton


City: Charlotte, NC
Company: Siemens
Job Function/Industry: Energy/Utilities – Marketing/Sales
Major/Minor: Industrial & Systems Engineering

Why the Wake MBA? For the in-person aspect. Being connected at least twice a week to a diversity of backgrounds and thought is a blast.

Why an Ambassador? New friends, insights and a broadened frame of mind.

Lynn ObieroLynn Obiero


City: Charlotte, NC
Company: Wells Fargo Bank
Job Function/Industry: Financial Services – Information Technology
Major/Minor: Mathematics with STAT concentration

Why the Wake MBA? I wanted a program that was very competitive and in a class/cohort setting. I also wanted to network with MBA Candidates from different backgrounds and diverse industries to enrich my experience.

Why an Ambassador? My experience has been great with having a cohort program, I have made great friends and I have had the opportunity to network. I have truly enjoyed speakers come in from time to time to talk about growth, career path and entrepreneurship has been encouraging.

Michael MurphyMichael Murphy


City: Charlotte, NC
Company: Corning Inc.
Job Function/Industry: Telecommunications – General Management
Major/Minor: Economics

Why the Wake MBA? I chose the Wake Forest Charlotte MBA program because of the Wake Forest brand, the class schedule, program convenience, and the class profile.

Why an Ambassador? I’ve gained a lot of from my experience with the Wake Forest Charlotte MBA. Notably I gained career advancement but also gained many intangible skills that help me solve unique business challenges, communicate with colleagues, and leadership skills.

Nola AyanfaluNola Ayanfalu


City: Charlotte, NC
Company: Wells Fargo Securities
Job Function/Industry: Financial Services – Operations/Logistics
Major/Minor: Economics

Why the Wake MBA? I chose Wake Forest Charlotte MBA program because of its format tailored for working professionals. The proximity to Uptown Charlotte is excellent.

Why an Ambassador? Leadership skill set and knowledge to navigate the next level of my career. The coursework also prepares you to make career changes if desired.

Brett BarberBrett Barber


City: New York, NY
Company: Daiichi-Sankyo, Inc.
Job Function/Industry: Pharma/Biotech – Marketing/Sales
Major/Minor: Biology

Why the Wake MBA? The Wake program has an outstanding reputation and offers students the to pursue a highly respected graduate degree while working. The question was not where I was going to obtain my MBA just when! Happy to say, I have no regrets!

Why an Ambassador? The ability to see past where you are and know that you can move into a different career because you are know fully equipped to handle anything!

Liz DaleyLiz Daley


City: Charlotte, NC
Company: Bank of America
Job Function/Industry: Financial Services – Finance
Major/Minor: Business Administration – Finance & Economics

Why the Wake MBA? Face to face interaction with professors and students. Great reputation, and network in Charlotte and North Carolina.

Why an Ambassador? Expanded network and camaraderie with students and staff. Expanded knowledge of strategy, leadership, and organizational behavior skills.

C.W. SkinnerC.W. Skinner


City: Charlotte, NC
Company: Wells Fargo
Job Function/Industry: Consulting,Financial Services – Consulting
Major/Minor: Chemical Engineering

Why the Wake MBA? I wanted an in person program and can’t overstate the value of the Wake Forest network.

Why an Ambassador? I have gained a handful of very close friends as well as new colleagues who are willing to help get a foot in the door at various places.

Paul VanGundyPaul VanGundy


City: Boston, MA
Company: Five Points Roasters and Five Point Coffee Company
Job Function/Industry: Retail – Founder
Major/Minor: BS, IT Management

Why the Wake MBA? I chose the Wake Forest Charlotte MBA Program because of the reputation, brand, quality of academics, and the level of engagement and interest staff/faculty had with me during admissions.

Why an Ambassador? Nearly all content covered and learned has been directly applicable to my business which creates an immediate impact. Through the program I’ve developed both personal and professional relationships – both which have provided both growth and joy.

Markus HillMarkus Hill


City: Rutherfordton, NC
Company: Rodgers Building, Inc.
Job Function/Industry: Construction – Information Technology
Major/Minor: Liberal Studies

Why the Wake MBA? The reputation of the program. The lock-step cohort design of the program.

Why an Ambassador? I gained more self awareness of my strengths and weaknesses. I have learned when to speak up and when to be quiet. I have a much better understanding of the way that businesses are built and held together. I have learned to ask better questions.

Andrew PowellAndrew Powell


City: Philadelphia, PA
Company: Travelers Insurance
Job Function/Industry: Insurance – Operations/Logistics
Major/Minor: Marketing

Why the Wake MBA? Wake Forest has an outstanding national and global reputation. The curriculum is relative to real life business experiences and professors take pride in seeing students succeed.

Why an Ambassador? Attending the WFU program has given me access to a network not readily available as well as provided me with an executive level view.

Taylor YorkTaylor York


City: Mt. Airy, North Carolina
Company: Bank of America
Job Function/Industry: Financial Services – Finance
Major/Minor: Business Administration – Finance / Accounting Minor

Why the Wake MBA? I chose the Wake Forest MBA program because small, in-person program that would allow me to build relationships with my professors and peers and expand my network outside the classroom. I also wanted the opportunity to participate in a global immersion experience.

Why an Ambassador? I have built relationships and expanded my network tremendously through this program. I have also gained confidence in myself and my abilities that I will carry with me through each step of my career.



Sarah Chronister

Sarah Chronister


City: Holt, Michigan
Company: BASF
Job Function/Industry: Manufacturing – Marketing/Sales
Major/Minor: Chemical Engineering

Why the Wake MBA? Wake had the prestige that I was looking for in an MBA program and the in person experience helped me expand my professional and personal network. The diversity of my class really helped me grow as a leader.

Why an Ambassador? So much perspective! I also gained skills needed to be a contributor and leader in various team dynamics.

Jason BenoitJason Benoit


City: Red Bank, NJ
Company: Duke Energy
Job Function/Industry: Accounting,Energy/Utilities – Accounting & Finance
Major/Minor: Accounting & Management

Why the Wake MBA? Grow my network, expand job opportunities, gain more comfort making decisions with incomplete or complex data.

Why an Ambassador? I have met and remained in contact with several ambitious & high achieving professionals. The skills I gained allowed me to accept a position in finance / strategy.

Kyle Yonce


City: Lexington, SC
Company: Clariant Corporation
Job Function/Industry: Manufacturing – Operations/Logistics
Major/Minor: Chemical Engineering

Why the Wake MBA? Faculty and resources provided by Wake Forest combined with the in-person classroom experience. Also the quality and experience of my class was valuable.

Why an Ambassador? Network connections and friends to last a lifetime. Additional experience and diverse learning from classmates outside of my industry.

Sarah NeubertSarah Neubert


City: Cleveland, OH
Company: Carrier
Job Function/Industry: Manufacturing – Operations/Logistics
Major/Minor: BS Business Administration (Focus in Supply chain management and international business)

Why the Wake MBA?  I wanted an experience where I could interact with my teacher and peers in-person. I also wanted a program that was challenging and wouldn’t allow me to simply “check-the-box”.

Why an Ambassador? I learned a lot about myself and what I was capable of achieving. I made some of my closets friends during my two years at Wake Forest. On a professional level I was promoted once while in the program and again following graduation. I find that I use many of the skills I learned (particularly accounting, finance and data analytics) on a weekly basis in my role.

Michael HoggMichael Hogg


City: Richmond, VA
Company: Vanguard
Job Function/Industry: Financial Services,Technology – General Management,Information Technology
Major/Minor: BA, Communication and MBA

Why the Wake MBA?  I chose Wake because of the quality of instructors, and for the curriculum structure.

Since completing my MBA, I have a greater sense of confidence. I feel comfortable in leadership functions, more capable in both strategic and financial analysis, and more complete as a professional.

Trent BaileyTrent Bailey


City: Charlotte, NC
Company: Club Car
Job Function/Industry: Marketing/Advertising/PR – Marketing/Sales
Major/Minor: Psychology

Why the Wake MBA? I chose the Wake Forest MBA program due to the location and schedule of the program. Wake’s strong ranking was also a big factor. I wanted an in person MBA and the teamwork aspect of the learning at Wake was important to me.

Why an Ambassador? The Wake Forest MBA program helped me advance my career and actually propelled me to the role I have today at Club Car/Ingersoll Rand. I changed jobs during my MBA due to the connections I made with teammates.

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