Enhance Your Career with an Evening MBA in Charlotte

Wake Forest makes it possible for working professionals like you to earn the coveted Wake MBA in Uptown Charlotte. You’ll get the same level of education, experience, and prestige delivered from a full-time program while taking classes part-time.

World-class faculty put Wake’s “Pro Humanitate” motto first to shape you into a passionate, ethical business leader who knows how to lead to create a better world.

Proven Results, Immediate ROI

On average, students receive a 23% SALARY INCREASE while enrolled and a 30% INCREASE one year post graduation; 66% ARE PROMOTED OR CHANGE ROLES while enrolled. The program’s value increases even more with all-encompassing service and tuition that includes books, fees, Wake Forest gear, and meals.


A Built In, Powerful Network

As part of an impressive group of peers, you’ll learn from, support, and work side by side with a DIVERSE GROUP OF PROFESSIONALS. With a unique, lockstep curriculum, you’ll have the guidance and structure you need to get you over the finish line quickly.


Part-Time Program, Full-Time Results

Attend weeknight classes in Uptown Charlotte. YOU’LL STILL HAVE TIME FOR WORK AND FAMILY– and you’ll earn the coveted, futureproof Wake MBA in just two years.



Why Choose a Wake MBA?

“The Working Professionals MBA program put me on the right track by delivering the technical concepts and overall degree knowledge that is needed today to advance through the ranks.”

MBA ’15
Current Position:
Director, Promotional Planning

“Working full time with an unpredictable schedule would not have allowed me to commit to an MBA program out of town. I am so grateful I can attend such a high caliber program right here in the city where I work and live on Saturdays. This MBA program has expanded my leadership and technical skills so I can be better at what I do. This degree contributes to my credibility at work.”

MBA ’18
Current Position:
Vice President, Senior Audit Manager