Interning at SalesFactory Woodbine

Charley Costa
Charley Costa

This semester, I have been fortunate enough to have been selected to intern with SalesFactory Woodbine (SFW), a marketing agency in Greensboro, NC.  I will be using this blog to reflect on the details of my internship and as a way to integrate what I am experiencing in my internship with what I am learning from my independent study.

The Three Key Takeaways

  1. Expect the unexpected
  2. If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t ever get there
  3. Don’t get caught in “analysis paralysis”

I completed the first day of my internship on Wednesday, 10/21.  Since my project is not fully structured yet, I spent time discussing current project needs with four managers from SFW.  The company has quite a few interesting projects in currently in their pipeline and I will find out on Friday where I will be spending a majority of my time this semester.  I will likely be working primarily with the research or digital team, which are both areas where I feel I need to better develop my knowledge.

While my day at the internship was spent mostly brainstorming potential projects, the readings that I completed for this week were great readings for beginning my internship. Both the HBS article “Identify the Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter,” and the chapter “Goal-Driven Marketing Research” from Kellogg on Marketing helped give some much needed perspective on how to start a marketing project.  Both of these literary sources stressed the importance of beginning a project with the end in mind; this means that the most important part of beginning a marketing project is to envision what the final project should look like, and what metrics will ultimately be used to evaluate the project.  This allows a good marketer to really narrow down on what will be vitally important for the project to ensure that the work being done is work needed for the final product.  Too often, marketers try sorting through tons of information at first, which leads to a type of “analysis paralysis.”  This advice will be especially important for me since I will only have a short time to complete my project and I can tell that the guidelines for the project will be vague.

Overall, I had a great first day of my internship and am excited about the projects I may get to work on.  I am looking forward to returning to work on Friday to really beginning working on a project.

Charlie Costa is a second year MBA at Wake Forest University with a passion for marketing, sales and Italian food.  He hopes to one day combine these passions to set the record for most meatball sales by a US citizen.  Until then, he will continue to study, learn and develop his marketing prowess in a more traditional fashion.