Getting Tactical

Stephanie Skordas
Stephanie Skordas

The last couple of weeks, our team at SFW has been working on formulating strategic ideas for the University project.  This week, our team made the transition from developing strategies to formulating tactics.  During this stage, our team is starting to take the Big Ideas that were developed previously and coming up with tactics that can help the University achieve their objectives.

Working on the tactics has been a great experience for me because I am being treated just as a full time employee would be.  I have been assigned to specific tactics, and am responsible for delivering material that will ultimately be presented to the University during our pitch.  It has been about 2 years since I have produced work to an external client in a professional setting; it feels good to be producing work that people are actually paying for.

My reading this week was also a great fit for what I am currently working on at work.  The reading in “Kellogg on Marketing” this week was about the intersection between sales and marketing, and how it is different from company to company.  In a marketing agency, these two functions overlap possibly unlike any other business.  Because the sales people are selling marketing services, the intersection between the two areas needs to be seamless.  Unlike most businesses, especially B2B businesses where sales people manage the relationships and marketing people support the sales people, with SFW both functions are interacting on every facet of this pitch.  An outsider would likely not be able to tell the difference between a sales person and marketing person if watching a brainstorming session.

Overall, we are starting to get to crunch time for the University project and I know the next week will be a crazy one getting ready for the final pitch.