The BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism

​Capitalism research at Wake Forest is led by the BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism, which engages the University and the public in an informed, sustained examination of the ways in which capitalism impacts our lives. The Center aims to foster a better understanding of capitalism’s competing economic systems, philosophical foundations, societal effects and relationships to contemporary sociopolitical issues.

It does so by teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, producing cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and providing a central location for rigorous, substantive investigations of business issues. Understanding capitalism leads to informed, ethical decision-making in business, government and society, keeping in line with the University’s motto of Pro Humanitate (“For Humanity”).

The Center was established in 2008 through a grant from the BB&T Charitable Foundation.

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The recent worldwide experience with tumultuous financial markets and economic recession prompt us to inquire about the nature of free markets, the role of government, the meanings of morality, our systems of values, and how we collectively understand the world around us.