Summer Textbooks:

The tentative Summer Textbook List is as follows:

FIN 510: (Principles of Finance): Corporate Finance (Mcgraw-Hill – 11th Edition) ISBN # 9780077861759

ACC 510 (Principles of Financial Accounting): Financial Accounting: Information for Decisions 9e, by John Wild (McGraw-Hill) ISBN # 978-1259917042

ACC 520 and ACC 530 (Intermediate Accounting I & II): Intermediate Accounting (Kieso – 16th Edition) ISBN #1118742974

ACC 540 (Introduction to Taxation): Please contact Professor Jim Willis for more information at willisjb@wfu.edu.

Fall Textbooks:

Each student is responsible for purchasing the required books on the MSA Class of 2020 textbook list. All textbooks are required. You may purchase books from the University Bookstore for the Fall 2019 semester in July. More information to follow.

Academic Calendar

The 2019-20 Academic Calendar will be posted Spring 2019.


QUESTIONS: Contact Mary Knapp, Associate Director, MSA Integrative Student Services at 336.758.5305 or knappmm@wfu.edu.