Seeking Students with Grit

The Wake Forest School of Business seeks passionate, hard-working students who want to accelerate their career path or embark on a new one. We believe that real knowledge comes from a combination of rigorous personal challenges, hands-on experience, collaborative interaction, and honorable service. Our ideal candidates have distinguished themselves through academic coursework, relevant experience and community leadership, showing they have the drive and the grit to gain the most from our programs. Our purpose-driven student body makes Wake Forest one of the best small private colleges in the South and one of the best places for business education in the nation.

The students who come here? They don’t enroll. They commit. They don’t just go to class. They get to work. Wake Forest students come to school prepared to work, and graduate prepared to make an impact.

Because the intersection of diverse life paths enriches the educational experience for all, we intentionally seek students from many different backgrounds, careers and undergraduate institutions. For detailed statistics on the makeup of each class, please visit your program of interest’s “Class Profile” page.

Program Eligibility

Prospective students can review the eligibility requirements for School of Business programs below, or contact our Enrollment Management Center to speak with an admissions counselor.

  • MS in Management (MSM) applicants must hold or be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, sciences or engineering from an accredited institution and must have limited or no full-time post-graduate work experience. View the MSM Class Profile.
  • MS in Accountancy (MSA) applicants must hold or be pursuing a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and must have limited or no full-time post-graduate work experience. View the MSA Class Profile.
  • MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) applicants must hold or be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, mathematics, economics, computer science or liberal arts, with successful completion of coursework in calculus and statistics. The program is designed for recent college graduates with limited or no full-time, post-graduate work experience. View the MSBA Class Profile.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, have at least two years of post-graduate work experience, and be employed full-time. View the MBA Class Profiles for In-Person MBA (Winston-Salem)In-Person MBA (Charlotte).
  • Joint Degree applicants must be accepted by both schools and meet the eligibility requirements of each program.