Meet our MSA Ambassadors


Wake Forest MSA Ambassadors are current students who are available and eager to answer any questions you might have. Our Ambassadors know the MSA program and the path to get there better than anyone, so they can give you the first-hand student perspective you need. We encourage you to reach out any of the ambassadors listed below via email regarding questions about the program, application process, career resources, internships, life at Wake Forest, living in Winston-Salem, or any other questions you may have.


Bryn Buckner

Track: Tax
Hometown: Brooksville, FL
UG School: University of Florida
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? I chose to attend Wake Forest for a multitude of reasons, including the prestige of the program, smaller class sizes, and incredible CPA pass rate. I have always been interested in Wake Forest ever since applying for my undergraduate degree, so for graduate school, Wake Forest was at the top of my mind.

Why an Ambassador? I want to share my respect and excitement for the program with prospective students and show them how impactful the MSA program can be for their career both professionally and personally. Coming from a large public university, I want to showcase the true dedication the professors exhibit towards their students’ success and the plethora of resources available to students.

Andy Fu

Track: FTS
Hometown: Taizhou, China
UG School: Kean University
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? Great reputation and beautiful campus were two important reasons.

Why an Ambassador? I wanted to challenge myself while helping to extend the Wake Forest reputation.

Caroline Clevenger

Track: FTS
Hometown: Louisa, KY
UG School: Transylvania University
Major: Accounting, Finance

Why the WFU MSA? Wake is overflowing with support from faculty and staff with a motivation to make the students the best they can be both while here and when they start their career. The opportunity to be a part of such a supportive community was one that I couldn’t pass up.

Why an Ambassador? Throughout my decision process I was able to communicate with current ambassadors that help ease the decision making. I want to be able to provide that same support to prospective students and help them get to know the amazing school and community!

Danny Rosenblum

Track: Audit
Hometown: Augusta, GA
UG School: Davidson College
Major: Economics/History

Why the WFU MSA? Wake Forest seemed like, and so far has been, a seamless transition from Davidson. The in-depth internship recruiting process seemed ideal for someone without much of an accounting background. The process so far has allowed me to learn so much more about the profession and the various firms so I can make a decision that best fits my needs.

Why an Ambassador? I am hoping to help potential students recognize the opportunities Wake provides and answer questions or reduce concerns applicants may have. I know first hand that hearing from and asking questions of a current student can sometimes be easier.

Zichen (Allan) Wei

Track: FTS
Hometown: China
UG School:Southern Illinois University
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? My two top goals are to find a decent job and to pass CPA exams. At Wake Forest, I believe students are enjoying the best graduate career coaching service from very caring and responsible people. Additionally, the CPA pass rate for Wake business students is extremely high in the past decade.

Why an Ambassador? I did lots of research about the MSA program and the ambassador videos inspired me significantly. I began picturing myself as one of the ambassadors. It has been the best way to inspire future School of Business students and encourage them to be a part of this family!

Emily Bair

Track: Audit
Hometown: Van Wert, OH
UG School: Washington and Lee University
Major: Accounting and Business Administration

Why the WFU MSA? I ultimately chose Wake because of its campus and classroom culture. My ‘Deac for a Day’ experience showed me how genuine the people are here, both inside and outside the classroom. After attending a “mock” class session, I remember the professor’s passion, genuineness and eagerness to connect with students, which made my decision easy. I felt at home almost immediately after I stepped on Wake’s campus.

Why an Ambassador? I was overwhelmed by the welcoming culture Wake displayed through both the ambassadors and the admissions team. I would love the opportunity to help prospective students learn about the opportunities that await them at Wake.

Yunzhi (Cindy) Guo

Track: FTS
Hometown: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
UG School: Kean University (Wenzhou)
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? Wake has a reputation for its career services and strong alumni networking. I believe that I can get useful resources to launch my career.

Why an Ambassador? I would like to develop my leadership as an ambassador and I really want to contribute to the Wake community.

Megan Clarke

Track: Tax
Hometown: Vero Beach, FL
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? I had a few family members who attended Wake Forest, which is why I originally toured the school. Once I got here I fell in love with the campus. It was also a school with everything I was looking for: strong division 1 sports teams, a well-recognized business school, small class sizes, and a great reputation.

Why an Ambassador? I really just love Wake Forest, and I love being able to share the great experiences I have had here. I also feel so proud to be in such a well-recognized business school and accounting program, and I love to show off how great things are in Farrell Hall.

Joseph Strange

Track: Audit
Hometown: Greenville, SC
UG School: Anderson University
Major: Accounting and Financial Economics

Why the WFU MSA? I chose Wake due to the great job prospects, high CPA pass rates, and ability to interact with faculty through small class sizes.

Why an Ambassador? I would love to help prospective students get a feel for the program and learn more about Wake. Hearing from current students was very beneficial for me, so I’d like to have this same impact on others.

Yi (Julie) Zhu

Track: Tax
Hometown: Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
UG School: University of Washington (Seattle)
Major: Economics

Why the WFU MSA? Wake is a community where professors, teachers and students all work together to achieve a goal. I came here because I enjoy belonging, and I truly believe Wake Forest is the best place to study and live.

Why an Ambassador? The ambassador was the first person that I talked to when I got into the program, and she helped me to know the program better. I am thrilled to help others know more about the school and get used to the environment quickly.

Jacob Oster

Track: Audit
Hometown: Anderson, SC
UG School: Anderson University
Major: Business

Why the WFU MSA? My decision was largely based on my desire to really challenge myself during graduate school. What stood out to me about Wake was the high caliber of the faculty and my fellow peers. I knew by attending Wake I would be challenged, but also that I would come out of the program a better professional.

Why an Ambassador? As a mentor at Anderson, I was able to share my passion for the school as well as help guide new students. It was an incredible opportunity and I wanted to be able to have a similar experience in my time at Wake. My visit with the ambassadors last year had a great impact on my decision to attend Wake.

Jessica Wooten-Macklin

Track: Audit
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
UG School: Georgia State
Major: Accounting and Finance

Why the WFU MSA? I came to Wake Forest after being referred to the prestigious program by a coworker at Ernst & Young. After further research, I realized the esteem of the program and the benefits of the university and I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and find success here.

Why an Ambassador? I want to become involved on campus, provide a friendly face to incoming students, better learn and understand the university and its offerings and experiences and grow in my communication and leadership skills.

Shelby White

Track: Tax
Hometown: Kernersville, NC
UG School: NC State University
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? I chose Wake Forest because of the curriculum and the overall performance on the CPA exam. Wake’s reputation is amazing and I really wanted to be a part of a program that’s known for excellence. I know the MSA faculty and staff genuinely want each and every one of us to succeed.

Why an Ambassador? At NC State I was an Orientation Leader and found that I really enjoyed engaging with new students. As a graduate student coming from a different institution it was really cool to get emails from current students and really made me feel like I made the right decision to come to Wake Forest.

Jerry Huang

Track: FTS
Hometown: Zunyi, Guizhou, China
UG School: Dongbei University of Finance & Economics
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? It offers a special three-semester option, which gives me a chance to experience an internship and full-time job in the US. Additionally, there is the FTS track, high quality courses, No.1 CPA pass rate and professors who have rich experiences in industry and really want to help you succeed.

Why an Ambassador? Doing so will help others know more about Wake Forest, decrease the information asymmetry and help others make better decisions, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

Patrick McNamara

Track: Tax
Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
UG School: Furman University
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? I choose Wake Forest because I wanted a challenging Masters Accounting program that adds great value to my personal business career.

Why an Ambassador? I think it’s be a wonderful experience to show students how great our program is.

Jasmine White

Track: Audit
Hometown: Charleston, SC
UG School: University of SC
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? The program prepares you for your career in terms of technical knowledge and professionalism, and the CPA pass rate was an added bonus. I knew I would be given the tools to have a successful career.

Why an Ambassador? I’m interested in reaching prospective students to share my experiences and what ultimately led me to Wake Forest. Connecting with student ambassadors while I was considering graduate schools was an integral part of the reason I chose Wake.

Michelle Ospina

Track: Tax
Hometown: Tampa, FL
UG School: University of FL
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? I wanted a grad program that would provide me with the necessary knowledge and technical skills essential to my accounting career, while allowing me to establish genuine connections with all my professors, faculty, and peers. Wake has already offered me more opportunities for individualized learning, professional development, and mentorship than imaginable.

Why an Ambassador? Connecting with someone in the MSA program was so valuable for me. I was able to relate to her transition from a large public institution to a smaller private university. I seek to be a resource and friend to prospective students, just like this former MSA student was to me.

Naimeng (Lemon) Zhang

Track: FTS
Hometown: Beijing, China
UG School: UC San Diego, Capital University
Major: Accounting, International Business

Why the WFU MSA? I chose Wake because they have the most caring and approachable faculty and students in my experience, and also the MSA program is fantastic.

Why an Ambassador? Because I received a lot help from student ambassadors when I applied to Wake MSA and would love to offer my insights to potential students.

Josh Vance

Track: Audit
Hometown: Roslyn, NY
UG School: Vanderbilt University
Major: Political Science

Why the WFU MSA? Wake Forest offers one of the most comprehensive MSA programs. Learning with distinguished faculty, the curriculum offers a solid foundation upon which students are able to prepare for the CPA exam. In its entirety, the experience provides graduates with the credentials needed to confidently enter the workforce.

Why an Ambassador? I want to be the peer that prospective applicants can rely on to provide honest information and relevant resources. I want to assure that the excitement that is communicated during the research and application process is continued and felt by students once they reach campus and transition to the program.

Lauren Brough

Track: Audit
Hometown: Aspers, PA
UG School: University of KY
Major: Accounting, Political Science

Why the WFU MSA? I became interested in the Wake MSA program because it is one of the top in the country and I wanted a challenge. The recruiting and career staff were extremely helpful. I also am planning to begin my career in Charlotte so it should provide a great transition into a new area.

Why an Ambassador? When I was choosing a grad program, the ambassadors were extremely helpful. Moving to a new place can be intimidating, but this is the second time I have chosen to go to a school in a place that I didn’t know a single person. I think I would be a good resource for potential students in a similar situation.

Hongkun (Helen) Ma

Track: FTS
Hometown: Hefei, China
UG School: Seton Hall University
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? First of all, the quality of MSA program. Then, the effectiveness of the admission process. Help and support from student ambassadors to let me know more about WFU. Now I feel I belong to Wake Forest and I definitely made the right choice.

Why an Ambassador? When I was choosing graduate schools, MSA student ambassadors helped me a lot. They replied to me with their best knowledge and enthusiasm of WFU. When I was making a track choice, they provided me with useful information and personal experiences. Now I feel pleased and honored to have chance to be one of them and let students know how good WFU is!


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