Meet our MSA Ambassadors


Wake Forest MSA Ambassadors are current students who are available and eager to answer any questions you might have. Our Ambassadors know the MSA program and the path to get there better than anyone, so they can give you the first-hand student perspective you need. We encourage you to reach out any of the ambassadors listed below via email regarding questions about the program, application process, career resources, internships, life at Wake Forest, living in Winston-Salem, or any other questions you may have.


Stephanie Acevedo-TenorioStephanie Acevedo-Tenorio
Hometown: Lexington, NC
UG School: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Major: Accountancy

Why Wake: I attended Accounting for the Future on Wake’s campus and learned more about the MSA program. I chose Wake Forest for the intensive curriculum that would challenge me as student.

Jessy Barrera MoroJessy Barrera Moro
Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO
UG School: Brigham Young University
Major: Accountancy

Why Wake: I attended an information session about Wake Forest at my undergrad university, and as soon as I did, everything fell into place for me to be able to come here and join the MSA program.

Mary Liz BellMary Liz Bell
Hometown: Oak Ridge, TN
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major: Business and Enterprise Management

Why Wake: Having gone to undergrad at Wake, I chose the MSA program because I knew I loved the school and had heard so many great things from previous MSA students.

Zack BooneZack Boone
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
UG School: Colby College
Major: Environmental Studies

Why Wake: I chose to pursue the MSA program at Wake Forest because it allowed me to enroll over the summer and take prerequisite courses that I hadn’t yet completed due to the fact that I didn’t major in accounting in undergrad.

Madison CatheyMadison Cathey
Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS
UG School: Jackson State University
Major: Accountancy

Why Wake: The reputation of the MSA program led me to pursue my post-graduate degree at Wake. I saw it as an opportunity to challenge myself in a new environment and bring me closer to my goal of becoming a CPA.

Josh ZimmerJosh Zimmer
Hometown: Wyckoff, NJ
UG School: University of North Carolina at Asheville
Major: Accountancy

Why Wake: My professors at UNC Asheville recommended looking into the MSA program. The impressive CPA pass rate caught my attention, but what really ignited the spark was how invested the professors and the MSA team are in the students. I did not apply to any other graduate programs, because I knew Wake Forest was where I was meant to be.

Bruno GonzalezBruno Gonzalez
Hometown: Winston Salem, NC
UG School: Guilford College
Major: Accountancy

Why Wake: I read all about what Wake had to offer and hearing about the MSA program from my sister (who got her MSA graduate degree from WFU) only interested me more! From there it was history!

Luke MiguezLuke Miguez
Hometown: Miami, FL
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major: Economics

Why Wake: I always wanted to explore a career in accountancy but was not accepted into the Business School during undergrad. After speaking with upperclassman and Integrative Student Services, I found out about the MSA opportunity and spent a year and a half doing anything to help ensure my acceptance.

Antonio Roca
Hometown: Bogota, Colombia
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major: Finance

Why Wake: The MSA program was a great opportunity to learn more skills and to improve job search.

Carlie RossCarlie Ross
Hometown: New Canaan, CT
UG School: Lafayette College
Major: Mathematics

Why Wake: After completing an internship at a local tax firm, I decided to pursue a master of accountancy with a focus in tax. Wake Forest offered the best support for non-accounting majors and made me feel confident about moving toward a new career path.

Jonah ShouseJonah Shouse
Hometown: Winston Salem, NC
UG School: Appalachian State University
Major: Accountancy

Why Wake: I selected the program for the recognition of the value of a Wake Forest MSA degree.

Xin WengXin Weng
Hometown: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
UG School: Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University
Major: Accountancy

Why Wake: Wake Forest’s MSA program has one of the highest CPA pass rates, good career outcomes, and a great alumni network. I also chose this program because I had a good experience during the admissions process.

Joanna WuJoanna Wu
Hometown: Beijing, China
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major: Mathematical Statistics

Why Wake: I chose to pursue MSA at the Wake Forest School of Business because of the Accounting program faculty. During my undergraduate degree, I had the pleasure of taking a tax class with Professor Simpson, which piqued my interest in Taxation and drove me to do an internship in taxation that I really enjoyed. Upon finishing my undergraduate degree at Wake, I decided to continue my study of taxation with the MSA program, and have hence benefited a lot from the structure of the program and the faculty’s enlightenment both academically and professionally.

Payton YeoPayton Yeo
Hometown: Napa, CA
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major: Accountancy

Why Wake: MSA was a natural transition from being an undergrad accounting major at Wake Forest. I enjoyed my undergraduate experience here and liked the professors and faculty in the business school I had previously met. With having such a high CPA pass rate, it felt like the right next step in my education.



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