Meet our MSA Ambassadors


Wake Forest MSA Ambassadors are current students who are available and eager to answer any questions you might have. Our Ambassadors know the MSA program and the path to get there better than anyone, so they can give you the first-hand student perspective you need. We encourage you to reach out any of the ambassadors listed below via email regarding questions about the program, application process, career resources, internships, life at Wake Forest, living in Winston-Salem, or any other questions you may have.


Walty FeisalWalty Feisal

Hometown: Greenville, SC
UG School: Clemson University
Major: Accounting, Finance

Why the WFU MSA? The MSA program at Wake Forest surrounds you with people that want you to succeed. Your peers, professors, and the faculty that supports the program all make sure that you get an amazing education and meet your goals.

Why an Ambassador? It allows me to help prospective students in their decision making while being a good steward to Wake Forest.

Madison HoffMadison Hoff

Track: Audit
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major: Accounting, Mathematics

Why the WFU MSA? Wake has the most motivating and caring professors who are not only brilliant in their field, but also really want students to learn and succeed.

Why an Ambassador? I’m excited to share my enthusiasm for Wake Forest with other potential students!

Bernice LiBernice Li

Track: FTS
Hometown: Linhai, China
UG School: University of CA – Irvine
Major: Business Administration

Why the WFU MSA? I chose Wake Forest because the MSA program delivers the skills and knowledge that will prepare students to excel in any area of business and beyond.

Why an Ambassador? I want to serve as a bridge for communications between prospective students and the Wake Forest recruiting team.

Ramiro UrretaRamiro Urreta

Track: Tax
Hometown: Anderson, SC
UG School: Anderson University
Major: Accounting and Supply Chain Management

Why the WFU MSA? Wake Forest’s outstanding performance when it comes to CPA pass rates and job placement.

Why an Ambassador? I like that I can get to meet the potential new students.

Jill WangJill Wang

Track: FTS
Hometown: Qingdao, China
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major: Finance and Math

Why the WFU MSA? I really enjoyed my undergraduate experience here at Wake and wanted to spend one more year. Additionally, I really like how classes are designed for the FTS track and felt that I would actually learn a lot during the program rather than just fulfilling the credit hour requirement for the CPA.

Why an Ambassador? I’m excited to share my experience to the incoming students, especially to those who are still in the decision making process.

Kayla MilesKayla Miles

Track: Audit
Hometown: Knoxville, TN
UG School: University of South Carolina
Major: International Business and Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? Wake Forest alumni are very well connected! Every time I speak to a MSA alumnus, they tell me about how they are still connected with people from the program. Many times these alumni are partners that have been out of school for a while. I also hear about connections they have with different Wake Forest alumni from other years. The thought of building a network that large and with such successful people was very attractive to me.

Why an Ambassador? Others sharing their experiences with me helped me choose Wake, and I wanted to do the same for someone else! I love that I will be able to answer the questions I know I had just a few months ago and help someone else make a very important decision.

Chris CaswellChris Caswell

Track: Audit
Hometown: Belmont, NC
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major: Finance

Why the WFU MSA? I chose Wake Forest because of its dedicated professors and its great track record preparing students for the CPA exam.

Why an Ambassador? I can’t wait to give prospective students a current student’s perspective on choosing an accounting program.

Morgan WilliamsMorgan Williams

Track: FTS
Hometown: Oxford, NC
UG School: NC State University
Major: Business Administration

Why the WFU MSA? I chose Wake because of the incredible opportunities that are made available to you as a student. The education you receive and job placement is great. The people you are surrounded by are even better!

Why an Ambassador? I look forward to getting to know incoming students and sharing all that the MSA program has to offer with them!

Lois YangLois Yang

Track: FTS
Hometown: Chengdu, China
UG School: Sichuan University
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? Involvement with individual students and strong career services.

Why an Ambassador? I have been through the experience of being confused about the future. I would love to help out those great candidates feeling the same way.

Matthew RyanMatthew Ryan

Track: Audit
Hometown: Gainesville, GA
UG School: University of Georgia
Major: Journalism and Spanish

Why the WFU MSA? Not only the reputation of this program, but the wonderful staff and caring professors who answered my questions during the decision process.

Why an Ambassador? To share my story with others and learn more about what they are looking for academically and for their career.

Veronica EnchauteguiVeronica Enchautegui

Track: Audit
Hometown: Valdosta, GA
UG School: Mercer University
Major: Chemical Commerce, French

Why the WFU MSA? What really drew me was the personal and genuine interactions I had with the admissions staff, faculty, and professors. I was able to meet and talk to professors even before I had made my decision to attend Wake! I knew that I would receive a quality education and have professors who really cared about seeing me succeed in the classroom and beyond. The 3-semester program with an internship and individual career coaches were icing on the cake!

Why an Ambassador? Deciding on a graduate program can be insanely stressful and exciting- it wasn’t that long ago that I was in the same position that potential students are in now! I am most excited about helping students discover what it is they are looking for and need from a graduate program, telling them about what Wake has to offer, and sharing our stories with each other.

Joe RitchJoe Ritch

Track: FTS
Hometown: Saint Petersburg, FL
UG School: Florida State University
Major: Accounting and Finance

Why the WFU MSA? Wake Forest offers a unique track within the MSA program (Financial Transaction Services), which was the driving factor in my decision. Aside from academic excellence, Wake offers top-tier facilities, motivational career coaches, hands-on faculty, and a beautiful campus filled with friendly people. Ultimately, the preparation for success that Wake boasts is unmatched in academia.

Why an Ambassador? Being an ambassador is an exciting responsibility because it shows that the school has entrusted in you the ability to help in molding the future of the university.

Cameron PerryCameron Perry

Track: Audit
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
UG School: Wake Forest University
Major: Accounting, German

Why the WFU MSA? I love Wake Forest so it seemed natural to me to stay for an extra year. I was also looking for a place where I knew I was going to be getting a great education and I would be able to focus on my studies. The fact that Wake has a highly respected accounting program and great professors that care about their students’ education only made me more sure of my decision to stay at Wake.

Why an Ambassador? I’m excited to get to know incoming students and be a part of their decision making process.

George ClelandGeorge Cleland

Track: Audit
Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
UG School: UNC – Chapel Hill
Major: English, Environmental Studies

Why the WFU MSA? My hometown is Winston-Salem. I also liked that this program is open to non-accounting majors. The high CPA pass rate, professional opportunities and optional internship were important as well.

Why an Ambassador? Looking forward to being a representative “townie” – many ambassadors can speak to the quality of the program/institution, but I also love the city. Also looking forward to interacting with non-accounting majors and learning their paths that led to choosing an MSA later.

Alexis JacksonAlexis Jackson

Track: FTS
Hometown: Raeford, NC
UG School: Fayetteville State University
Major: Accounting and Finance

Why the WFU MSA? I chose the Wake Forest MSA program based on the connections I was able to make during Wake’s Accounting Diversity Consortium. I met with teachers, advisors and support staff who made Wake seem like a great place to be. It also doesn’t hurt that we have the number one CPA pass rate as well.

Why an Ambassador? I am excited about being a student ambassador, as I get to share my enthusiasm about the MSA program and Winston-Salem. I enjoy meeting new individuals and this is a great opportunity to do so.

Winifred ZengWinifred Zeng

Track: FTS
Hometown: Dongguan, China
UG School: Jilin University
Major: Financial Management

Why the WFU MSA? The great career prospects of the Wake MSA program drove me here, as well as the strong academic reputation and high CPA pass rate. The climate in the south is good, and southern people are hospitable.

Why an Ambassador? I am happy to meet with prospective students and talk about my great experience at Wake!

Geoff MottGeoff Mott

Track: Audit
Hometown: Huntington, NY
UG School: Fairfield University
Major: Finance

Why the WFU MSA? Wake Forest’s strong reputation in terms of academics, job placement, and CPA pass rate.

Why an Ambassador? I look forward to sharing my experience and enthusiasm with prospective students.

Connie WangConnie Wang

Track: FTS
Hometown: Ningbo, China
UG School: Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics
Major: Accounting

Why the WFU MSA? My favorite part of Wake Forest is the small class size. We have lots of opportunities to interact with classmates and professors. And Wake has very strong career services as well as the strong reputation in the accounting program.

Why an Ambassador? I’m excited to meet and talk with incoming students and share my experiences with them.

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