Shortcode Library

Normal Shortcodes

!Warning! – This is for advanced WordPress users only!


  • The “icon” shortcode takes the following parameters:
    • type (REQUIRED)
    • link (optional)
    • color (optional – defaults to font color)
    • size (optional)
      • Size will default to current text size
      • Sizes are available in 0.1 – 10
  • Example usage
    • [icon type=battery-half color=darkred]  –  
    • [icon type=bicycle color=#9e7e38 size=2 link=href://] – 
    • [icon type=university size=4]  –  
  • Allows back-end users to leave comments that will not be displayed
  • No parameters are taken – must have an opening and closing tag
  • Example usage:
    • [comment]This will not be displayed[/comment]  –  
    • [comment]Note to Jeff – do not update this page[/comment]  –  
  • This shortcode was created in order to display events in a responsive, aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • Originally named as it was created for the diversity page
  • Parameters AND opening and closing tags are required. If either is missing, tag will not be displayed
    • month (REQUIRED)
    • day (REQUIRED)
    • Between tags – description of event, etc.
      • You can use the visual editor to add links, small images, format text, add white spaces, etc.
  • Example usage:
    • [diversity_event month=Oct day=1]This is a simple calendar event[/diversity_event]
    • OCT
      This is a simple calendar event
    • [diversity_event month=01 day=24]Look what you can do!A lot of stuff!!![/diversity_event]
    • 01
      Look what you can do!A lot of stuff!!!


Advanced Shortcodes