BRAND IDENTITY – Correspondence

Name Badge

The Wake Forest name badge is constructed with brushed brass plastic and black etching. You may work with a vendor of your choice to create name badges, using the approved template, or you may order by Email from a pre-selected vendor. Email to order name badges for your own department or office.


Download a WFUSB letterhead template.

Stationery and Business Cards

The Wake Forest University stationery system is designed to unify all correspondence under a consistent graphic identity. All stationery items, including letterhead, business cards, envelopes and note cards, will be printed by Wake Forest University Printing Services and their designated vendors and may be ordered for each University entity. Do not attempt to re-create any item in the stationery system.

To order business cards or stationery for your department, go to the Creative Communications website. Under Custom Business Cards, click the Wake Forest University (Reynolda Campus) Custom Business Card Form. Under Letterhead and Envelopes, click the Wake Forest University (Reynolda Campus) Letterhead and Envelope Form. Fill out the form and check the School of Business logo. Save as a pdf with the contact person’s name i.e. “john smith.pdf”. To order, send the pdf as an email attachment to