The WFU Advantage: Our Students, Your Future

Business is rapidly evolving and keeping up requires a new approach to how business students are taught. At Wake Forest University, we’ve rebuilt our business school from the ground up to build a better business student from the inside out. The students who come here? They don’t enroll. They commit. They don’t just go to class. They get to work. And when they graduate, they aren’t just smarter than they were. They’re better than they ever thought they could be—ready, able, and honorable. And on day one of their jobs, they’re principled, performance-ready professionals.


At Wake Forest, students gain a strong theoretical and conceptual foundation, and they learn to recognize how disciplines support and interact with each other, to interpret and explain trends, and to understand the characteristics of free markets and competition. Here, being ready means embracing lifelong learning, and possessing the knowledge and acumen to be a thought leader.


At Wake Forest, students come to school prepared to work, and graduate prepared to make an impact. They learn to identify and pursue opportunities, solve problems, communicate with passion and precision, manage efficiently and effectively, inspire others, and lead by example. Here, being able means gaining market-informed and market-relevant skills, and achieving measurable results.


At Wake Forest, students learn to do good. They learn the value of being purpose-driven, being courageous when the moment calls for it and resilient in the face of adversity. They learn to be authentic leaders who compete and succeed with integrity, build and thrive in diverse organizations, and inspire teams to achieve collective goals. Here, being honorable means being committed to one’s profession, to society, and to making a difference in both.