Interview School of Business Students on Campus

On-Campus Interviewing

Employer Relations is a campus-wide entity that can assist you with your recruiting needs regardless of your target student audience.

Recruiting on-campus is an excellent way for your organization to not only meet many impressive Wake Forest business students but also learn more about Wake Forest University and the varied talent that exists on our campus. Wake Forest on-campus fall interviews begin in late September and run through the end of November. Spring semester on-campus interviews begin in January and continue through April. You may also schedule to hold an information session for students in addition to interviews.

Contact us for additional information and to schedule an on-campus visit.

Brockway Recruiting Center

We are happy to accommodate your interviewing needs in the Brockway Recruiting Center in Farrell Hall. The Center features modern amenities and ample space for interviews, meetings and employer presentations.

Contact Lisa Simmons to reserve a date and tailor an interview schedule that meets your needs.

Interview Sign-up Options

We have two interview sign-up options to help you identify the most qualified students for your positions.

Prescreen Option: You may choose to prescreen your interview sign-ups by posting a job description in our DeaconSource system. After the posting deadline, we will send the submitted students’ application materials to you for review so that you may select interview candidates and alternates. The Prescreen option provides your organization with total control of the schedule.

Open Sign-up Option: With Open Sign-Up, any student who meets your job or internship specifications may sign up for an interview on a first-come, first-served basis. Resumes will be available to your organization prior to your interviews as no pre-screening of the resumes is available. The Open Sign-up option provides an organization that may not have time to review resumes with a quickly generated schedule of applicants who have a sincere interest in the company and its position.

We understand that traveling to the Wake Forest campus is not possible for everyone. If you are unable to visit Wake Forest for interviews we are happy to arrange phone or virtual interviews. In addition, you may post opportunities in our recruiting systems.