Student Perspectives

We regularly survey our students on their program experiences, particularly regarding the quality of their instruction and overall class impressions. This semester we added questions about the transition to online learning as well.

Their responses affirm what is so special about Wake Forest. We can be kept apart, but we can’t be kept from being connected.

The switch to online learning made me appreciate some of my professors more than I would have if we did not have to switch to online learning. [They] were exceptional in their communication and understanding. I already liked them as professors, but they really went above and beyond to make the second half of the semester meaningful.

“He was always engaging in lectures both in person and after the transition to online.”

“I loved the in-class exercises.  They establish the accountability that online courses often lack and served as the most useful learning tool.”

“She excelled at delivering course content online.  She was incredibly approachable, supportive of her students success, and possesses the ability to explain key concepts clearly.  She was incredibly empathetic towards her students’ challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and she greatly enhanced my knowledge.”

“. . . so interesting that not even online instruction will stop him.”

“Zoom meetings simulated the class discussion and lectures in a way that stimulated experience and dynamic learning.”

“He went out of the way to ensure the course had a personalized touch by reaching out for one on one meetings twice.  Additionally, he has been mindful of the unique challenges of the pandemic situation and made every effort to make accommodations without sacrificing the quality of the course.”

“I didn’t feel my learning was any different from in class.”

“As we were switching to the virtual setting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some students, including myself, reached out to her about our thoughts with the learning environment and she was more than willing to listen and implement the necessary changes to make the program better.”

“ . . . excellent pedagogy, fantastic guest speakers, and was well organized.  I appreciated all of the work which he put into the course to make it engaging despite it being transitioned online.  He used informative video, interesting case studies, and engaging assignments to make this course a success.”

“The WebEx discussions and recorded lectures have been very effective, I enjoy being able to go back and listen to the lectures at my convenience.”

“I really appreciate the structure your course provided to my days.  Expectations were set at the beginning and were met throughout the course.  Thank you!”

“Timely delivery of content!  Effective management of expectations.”

“He was ALWAYS available – night or day – by email, webex, or phone!  He was great.”

“ . . . did a great job of making the course interactive and to take the time to check in with students outside the classroom.  The small group discussions and individual presentations were very interesting and helped students stay engaged in the material.  I am very glad that I was able to take this course during our remote learning experience because it allowed me to interact with my peers on a regular basis.”

“She extends her teaching and kindness outside the classroom and is constantly talking to students, seeking feedback, checking in on us, and just catching up on life.”

“ . . . someone that you’d want for an online course because of his effective communication, great organization of class materials/videos and immense amount of knowledge about the world of finance.  He made the learning environment stress-free and very effective!”

“For being an online class, the video lectures were always informative and answered any and all of my questions.  I appreciate the thoroughness of the lectures and it was obvious the professor has great passion for the subject.  I appreciate all of the connections to the market as well as all of the extra practice exercises.”

“She always keeps us apprised of what she is doing, how she is feeling, and what she is working on for class.  She also gives us a way to set goals for ourselves, and plans for each week.  I really appreciated her availability to talk, and her emphasis on frequent communication.”

“It was great that she always had office hours, was very quick to respond to emails, and created extra studying tools.”

“ . . . made the transition to online courses very easy and straightforward. It was the easiest transition of all my classes, and it was very simple to stay on track while still remaining focused on the class’s goals and challenging. I also appreciated connecting the course to real life examples throughout the semester which continued after the course was put online.”

“She not only teaches us accounting extremely well, but also makes an active effort to stay connected with her students. She listens when we speak and makes sure we are well taken care of.”