Personal Branding & Career Management

What you’ll learn:
The MSM Personal Branding course provides a robust foundation for students as they begin to prepare for their next career opportunity. Through interactive lessons, individual reflection, and alumni engagement, students are empowered to strategically jumpstart their career journey, as they continue to hone the skills needed for career and life readiness.

Who you’ll learn from:

Marcus Sanderlin
Associate Director, Market Readiness and Employment
336-758-4584 | email

“Specializing in career navigation and purpose development, Marcus Sanderlin aspires to provide guidance and support to WFU students as they journey toward their next career destination. Marcus strives to arm students with the skills needed to effectively engage in the career search process, guiding them toward becoming career and life ready. He has a passion for empowering students and partnering with each student to assure they feel supported and have the resources they need as they prepare for their next step after graduation

Sanderlin acquired his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida, and his Master of Arts in Student Affairs Administration from Michigan State University.”

Ayanna VanSluytman
Associate Director, Market Readiness and Employment
336-758-4467 | email

Dynamic job markets require students to be intentional and strategic in their search. Preparing Wake Forest students to see beyond “getting a job” and supporting them in establishing and executing plans to develop long term career goals is Ayanna’s passion. Making connections, providing resources and designing programs to engage students to ensure they are equipped with the tools needed for success is rewarding. Ayanna works to be a reliable source of reassurance and information in the, sometimes, challenging career search process.

Ayanna has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Spelman College, and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University.

The Best Things About Personal Branding & Career Management

  • Exploring potential career options through career panels and networking opportunities
  • Connecting your skills, interests, and values to career options in the marketplace
  • Building your personal brand through developing your resume, LinkedIn page, and professional introduction

How you’ll learn:

Students will learn and engage through a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous class sessions. Our primary learning platform will be Canvas and we will leverage Zoom for class meetings and discussions. Anticipate weekly engagement through “in-class” participation and interaction, and Zoom breakout sessions.

When You’ll Learn:

Synchronous classes

We will review and discuss concepts together in class.

Asynchronous classes

You will work with well-developed asynchronous content as a class.

Asynchronous Materials

Class materials will be available online for asynchronous work, and supplemental content for synchronous classes.