Business Analytics 1

What you’ll learn:

Classes will include regular synchronous lectures, but more often the class will be collaboratively working problems or exercises on excel together in small groups. This encourages interaction and group learning as well as creativity. We’re working with real world clients on their data, and we’ll be doing data visualization and descriptive statistics to better understand the data set they provide.

We use the breakout room feature of Zoom to put classmates in pre-selected groups of 2-3. They first focus on a topic/problem, perhaps go over the initial stages, then head to breakout rooms. I iteratively join the rooms to provide help/answer questions/move them along. Then we all come back to the main room to discuss and go over answers and common problems.

Dr. Chris Smith
Associate Professor – MS in Management Program
336-758-3736 | email

“I’m a data analyst who just retired from the Army and loves to teach. I enjoy getting students into real world data, and letting them discover what is inside. I particularly emphasize the use of Excel in my classes. It’s been proven that students work best in groups, so my class will use small groups to explore and analyze data in class.”

The Best Things About Business Analytics I

  • Getting a familiarity with real world numbers
  • Working in Excel and learning how to use this powerful tool
  • Introducing critical thinking in analytic problems

How you’ll learn:

Although there is some lecture in class, typically the class will be working problems or exercises on Excel together in small groups. This encourages interaction and group learning as well as creativity.

Synchronous class once weekly

We will meet together once weekly in synchronous class sessions where we will review concepts and work them together in small breakout groups.

Asynchronous class once weekly

1-2 hrs video lecture

Asynchronous Materials

Class materials will be available online for asynchronous work and study.