Center for Analytics Impact


Taking Data from Insight to Impact

The Center for Analytics Impact will broadly enhance analytics education by providing corporations with continuing education opportunities around effectively using and successfully implementing analytics for influencing, storytelling, and leadership. The Center will provide conference and seminar experiences for business partners and academia, and also engage faculty and students to conduct research to better understand success factors and impediments for impactful analytics. These  include resistance to change, problem framing and structuring, communication, organizational structure, leadership, analytics maturity, and team performance.

To support and advance our connection to the market and student learning, the Center for Analytics Impact will provide student projects and case studies for classroom use; leading-edge training in how to influence and drive impact with analytics; and extracurricular activities such as case competitions and internships to deepen the applied learning of these skills. Our Retail Learning Labs, which were developed in partnership with Lowes Foods  provide real-world data utilized for retail analytics research and education.


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