Problem Solving Mindset

What you’ll learn:

At a very basic level, the objective of business is to create value for others by solving their problems. Businesses create value for customers by addressing their needs and for shareholders by providing a return on investment. Businesses also create value by solving problems for a variety of other stakeholders – from employees, to suppliers, partners, and the broader community – just to name a few. In this course, we will explore how you – as a business leader – can be a more effective problem-solver.

Who you’ll learn from:

Professor Bren VarnerProfessor Bren Varner
Senior Lecturer – MS in Management Program
336-758-5098 | email

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart who loves teaching others to recognize opportunities and find innovative solutions to unique problems. I’ve been at Wake teaching entrepreneurship and strategy for the last 14 years and loving every minute of it. I’m motivated by building businesses, exploring new opportunities, and … coffee. Lots of coffee. “

Three Maxims for Every Problem-Solver

  • Customers don’t buy products and services … they buy solutions to their problems.
  • Problems are really just opportunities in disguise. Look for problems.
  • The answer to every strategic decision is always “it depends”. The critical part is figuring out what it depends on.

How you’ll learn:

Synchronous class twice weekly

Classes will include lecture, discussion, team work, and quizzes/exams

Asynchronous Class once weekly

Class materials will be available online for asynchronous work and study.