Evening MBA  – Enrollment Deposit

How to Submit your MBA Enrollment Deposit

Whether you are accepting or declining your offer of admission to the Wake Forest University School of Business, the Enrollment Management Center requires that you complete the online Admissions Response Form to officially accept or officially decline the offer of admission. If you are accepting the offer, this form will prompt you with step-by-step instructions to submit your $1,000 enrollment deposit payment.

You may submit this form only once; therefore, if you are planning to use a credit card to pay your deposit, please have your credit card information ready.


  1. Log in to your online application using your username and password
  2. Click on the Applications tab, then next to Decisions, click on your Decision link which allows you to view your online Decision Letter
  3. Within the online letter, click on the Respond link in the upper right corner (whether you plan to accept or decline)
  4. Complete the form and hit submit to save your responses
  5. If you are planning to enroll, follow the prompts to select your method of payment and then follow the instructions. (Note: The $1,000 deposit payment may be made via check, credit card or wire transfer. There is a processing fee associated with credit card payments). Your deposit will be applied to your first semester tuition upon enrollment.