Find out more about the MA program benefits, activities and successes.

Video Testimonials: First-Hand Perspectives

Learn more about the University, the MA Program, and the experiences that await future students by watching personal accounts from University leaders, program personnel, recruiters, and current and past students – and their parents.



President Nathan O. Hatch

President Hatch talks about finding your passion at Wake Forest School of Business.

Former Dean of Business, Steve Reinemund

Dean Reinemund discusses the unique learning environment at Wake Forest.


Matt Snow

An MA parent describes the personal attention students receive at Wake Forest.

Mike Morrow

An MA parent’s perspective on his daughter’s experience at Wake Forest.


Brandon Monteith, MA ’14

Brandon discusses why the MA program is a perfect fit for liberal arts students.

Ella Douglas, MA ’14

Ella tells how the MA program is preparing her for her future career path.

Brooke Gilmore, MA ’13

Brooke explains why the MA program appeals to both students and parents.

Andrew Finnerson, MA ’13

Andrew describes what he enjoyed about the MA program, including his real-world consulting project.


Michael Maina, General Electric

Michael discusses the reasons behind GE’s successful track record of recruiting students from Wake Forest.

Miranda Dean, Deloitte Consulting

Miranda highlights the benefits of recruiting MA graduates for consulting positions.

Career Services

President Nathan O. Hatch

President Hatch discusses the value of personalized Career Services and the Wake Forest alumni network.

Andy Chan, VP Professional & Career Development

Andy speaks to parents about the personal attention given to students by faculty and staff.


Former Dean, Steve Reinemund

Dean Reinemund explains how the MA program can translate your passion into a succesful career.

Mercy Eyadiel, Executive Director, Market Readiness and Employment

Mercy describes the attributes of MA graduates that consistently attract top recruiters.