Custom Design Process

Begin with the end in mind.  

Our design process starts with a learning architecture, which is the mechanism for connecting an enterprise’s strategy to investments in leadership and talent development.  A company’s desire to develop a pipeline of diverse leaders requires new knowledge, behaviors, and mindsets. Creating an enterprise learning architecture focused on building coherent, mutually supporting learning initiatives, relevant to specific roles (executive, director, and manager) and with a clear line of sight to achieving the company’s strategic priorities, ensures that design/development dollars and time are leveraged for organizational as well as individual gain. 

Our faculty design team then collaborates with your organization and schedules in-depth discussions/interviews to design and benchmark programs. These conversations focus upon gathering essential information from internal stakeholders to determine learning objectives, emphasis, custom content, schedule and other requirements to ensure a robust and targeted educational experience.

Learning ROI

Results matter.  Wake Forest Executive Education is focused on helping clients realize quantifiable ROI-based metrics in program delivery.  We achieve this by:

  • Building a collaborative and trusting partnership with customers
  • Designing programs with an eye on desired outcomes – what does success look like
  • Mutually agreeing with customer on success measurement parameters
  • Measuring results post program – what success attributes are linked to program
  • Being fair and conservative