Put Wake Forest to Work for You

Business Solutions

Wake Forest Business Solutions is a student-consulting program overseen by members of the School of Business faculty. Second-year MBA students are placed in teams and serve as consultants to organizations on a variety of key business issues. Each team is supervised by high quality, innovative faculty advisors. Participating firms receive work on projects such as strategic planning, marketing and feasibility studies, financial analyses and operational evaluations.

How Students Benefit

Business Solutions

Throughout the program students will be able to:

  • Gain exposure to current business challenges and management practices
  • Acquire practical experience in applying classroom concepts and skills in a business environment
  • Design, develop and execute agreed upon project with the sponsoring organization and faculty advisor
  • Complete a comprehensive written report and formal presentation to the client and faculty advisor before receiving academic credit

Project Guidelines

Projects typically come from all sizes of for-profit and nonprofit organizations and they must fit within the following guidelines:

  • Deal with important and high level issues critical to the organization
  • Have a designated timetable
  • Directly and regularly involve students with an organization’s management team, especially the designated client contact
  • Must allow reasonable access to all relevant client expertise and information
  • Challenge students’ abilities and utilize their knowledge, expertise and innovative talents
  • Add distinct value to the organization and the students

Possible Projects

  • Formulate strategic plan for growth and expansion
  • Develop comprehensive marketing plan for a new or existing product
  • Analyze international expansion or sourcing opportunities
  • Revise supply chain management strategy
  • Reformulate dividend policy
  • Assess alternative financing options
  • Evaluate information system plans
  • Assess the feasibility of a new product or market entry
  • Evaluate possible mergers or acquisitions
  • Develop a full business plan
  • Lean process improvement project
  • Other strategic/important organizational issues


The School of Business provides faculty advisors and computer access for the project at no cost to your organization. Expenses are agreed upon in advance as part of the project proposal. Students may not receive any form of compensation from the sponsoring organization during the project. Expenses may include:

  • Costs of data collection
  • Travel
  • Printing
  • Mailing
  • Other Incidentals