Latin America Global Immersion Course – Nicaragua

A business degree is about more than spreadsheets and cash flow analysis.

Since the fall of 2006, the Wake Forest School of Business has partnered with small businesses in Nicaragua to find new ways to optimize their value through business skills seminars. Led by students, the business skills seminars include modules on operations, organizational behavior, marketing, and finance, and are completed sequentially by each participant.

Based in Managua, the Latin America Global Immersion Course provides the opportunity for students to travel throughout the city and to neighboring towns to witness the various ways in which business is conducted, and to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of history, culture, and government in a developing economic system.

In preparation for the in-country experience, students will dedicate preparation time to developing skills required to conduct effective needs assessments, facilitate participant learning, and guide businesses through the application of key business concepts in a cross-cultural context.

Students have a chance to impart a piece of their acquired knowledge, but also learn a great deal from the business owners.

Watch a brief video of Amy Wallis discussing the 2017 Nicaragua Global Immersion here.