South Asia Global Immersion Course – India and Nepal

global-immersion-india-pic-2Did you ever wish you could visit the Taj Mahal or see Mount Everest?  Experience the excitement of an international case competition or visit Kathmandu?  Sleep in a real maharaja palace or ride an elephant?  Then our 2017 South Asia Immersion Course is your ticket.  For two weeks in May (i.e., May 6-20, 2017), we will travel to the far side of the world to learn and to experience some of the most interesting sights and sounds on earth.

Our 2017 South Asia educational experience will include – in addition to incredible India – our first-ever 3-night immersion into Nepal.  This year’s two-week stay in South Asia will include visits with global corporations, national businesses, and cottage industries in India’s “golden triangle” of Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi.  We will take in UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the abandoned city of Fatepur Sikri, the Qutab Minar in Delhi, and the tomb of Humayun.  We will visit the largest mosque in India (Jama Masjid) and visit forts where great Mughal emperors including Akbar the Great and Shah Jahan once lived.  And perhaps most exciting of all will be our visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra, as well as our special mountain flight from Kathmandu, over the Himalayas in a low-flying aircraft for a view of Mount Everest.

dsc_0375Our 2017 immersion will begin with a departure from the U.S. on Saturday, May 6, 2017 to Delhi, India, arriving on Sunday, May 7.  During the first 4 days in Delhi we will visit businesses, enjoy Indian cuisine, and participate with students and faculty at the Birla Institute of Management and Technology in our second annual Wake Forest — BIMTECH global case competition.   We will then fly to Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, from where we will journey to Bhaktapur (perhaps the least changed city in the Kathmandu Valley), and bring our spirit of pro humanitate to Camp Hope, a “tent city” in Jorpati serving as temporary home to victims of the April 25, 2015 earthquake.   It will be during our stay in Kathmandu that we board a special fixed-wing, 26-seat aircraft for a one-hour excursion to the roof of the world to view Mount Everest and other spectacular peaks.

Upon our return to India on May 14 we will visit businesses and cottage industries in Jaipur and Agra.  And of course, while in Agra we will experience one of the great wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal.

This year’s South Asia Immersion Course is your opportunity to journey to the land of elephants, maharajas and the Himalayas.  Join us as a learner-traveler in May.  It will be a very special part of your Wake Forest education … one you will remember for a lifetime!

Watch a brief video of Roger Beahm discussing the 2017 India and Nepal Global Immersion here. 


Agra Fort (5.18.15)