Facts & Policies

Program Fees & Important Dates


Trip costs cover travel-related expenses including: accommodations while abroad, in-country transportation, guides/ translators, some touring/tickets to cultural and historical visits, and trip insurance. Trip balances will be charged to the students Wake accounts. The full trip balance must be paid off before the trip departs.

The cost of international airfare (included with Cuba), course literature, visas and/or passports, meals other than those included in the trip itinerary, entertainment, and independent activities that are not part of the trip are not included in the program cost. Hotel rooms are priced for double occupancy; there is an additional charge for single room requests.

  • Russia/India/China Global Immersion Course: May 4-18, 2019
  • Cuba Global Immersion Course:March 8-17, 2019




Global Immersion Experiences are available to graduate students in the Wake Forest University School of Business. First and second year students in working professional programs (WPP) are permitted to apply for participation in any of the Global Immersion Experiences, with preference given to second year students. Space is limited and all travel groups will be capped at a number that optimizes student learning. Students applying for any program must be in good academic standing and are required to submit the following items for consideration:

  • Completed application
  • Russia/India/China and Cuba Courses: $700 nonrefundable deposit – due at time of application

Professional Code of Conduct

The time abroad is to be treated the same as a business trip. Students are expected to exude consummate professionalism at all times. Students will practice timeliness and punctuality, dress appropriately for the environment, communicate with thoughtful and considerate language, prepare in a thorough manner, and comport themselves with honor and integrity at all times. Behaviors to the contrary – including tardiness, loud or disorderly behavior in hotels, drunkenness, sleeping or being otherwise disengaged during meetings will be frowned upon and have the potential to adversely affect students’ grades. We hope to promote students’ development as world citizens and global business travelers; as such the Global Immersion Experience should be undertaken as a serious academic and professional development endeavor.

Financial Aid & Assistance


Limited scholarships, designed to cover up to 50% of the trip cost for the selected course, are available to students who demonstrate academic merit and financial need.

To be considered for a scholarship, please submit an essay of not more than 1,000 words outlining the following:

  • Your financial need
  • Your academic achievements
  • Whether your educational expenses are being covered or supplemented by a source other than yourself
  • Your interest in the country/region to which you wish to travel
  • The specific goals/desired result you hope to achieve through this experience
  • Any other relevant information you deem appropriate


Because a scholarship award may impact a student’s decision to travel abroad, decisions regarding scholarships will be rendered prior to processing trip deposits.

Please contact Professor Tim Janke regarding questions and deadlines for scholarships for Global Immersion Courses.

For questions about financial aid disbursed through the Office of Financial Aid, contact Linda Higgins or Michelle Van Meter.