Global Inclusion Thought Leadership & Research

Overview: The WFUSB Global Inclusion Thought Leadership & Research initiative is a comprehensive collection designed to advance inclusive excellence in higher education and corporate environments globally. This platform provides resources and strategies to promote inclusion, engagement, and belonging.

What You Can Expect: Engage with a variety of content aimed at inspiring and informing on both domestic and global scales. The initiative features articles and research studies, presentations, and analyses that emphasize best practices and innovative approaches to inclusivity. Learn how inclusive excellence can enhance organizational brand, reputation, and revenue, establishing institutions as preferred choices worldwide.

Key Features:

  1. Global Insights and Analyses:
  • Diverse Contexts: Articles and research on inclusivity across different international settings, considering cultural, economic, and social influences.
  • Comparative Studies: Examination of diversity and inclusion policies in various countries, highlighting successful models and areas needing improvement.
  1. Innovative Strategies for Global Inclusion:
  • Showcasing Innovation: Presentations and case studies on strategies for fostering inclusivity in multinational corporations and educational institutions.
  • Best Practices: Guidelines for implementing inclusive policies that respect diverse cultural norms and business practices.
  1. Impact on Global Business and Education:
  • Brand and Reputation: Analysis of how inclusive excellence boosts organizational brand and reputation globally.
  • Financial Performance: Research on the link between inclusivity and financial success in international markets.
  1. Building Global Inclusive Communities:
  • Creating Engagement: Strategies to build inclusive environments that promote engagement and a sense of belonging.
  • Developing Leaders: Insights on how inclusive practices cultivate global business leaders and culturally competent professionals.
  1. Real-World Applications:
  • Practical Examples: Implementation strategies for improving global operations and employee satisfaction.
  • Case Studies: Evidence of the positive impacts of inclusivity on organizational success and community engagement.

Benefits for Students: