Cross-Cultural Business Talks Series

Overview: WFUSB Cross-Cultural Business Talks provide a platform for students to explore and discuss multicultural business topics using robust analytical frameworks. This initiative integrates the PESTEL Analysis, and Korn Ferry Inclusive Leader Model to enhance cultural competence and global awareness.

What You Can Expect: Through guided discussions over lunch, students will engage in critical analysis of global business practices, cultural values, and solutions-oriented dialogue. These talks prepare students to succeed in both local and international business environments by fostering a deep understanding of cultural dynamics and global market trends.

Key Features:

  1. Analytical Frameworks:
    • In-depth exploration of PESTEL Analysis, and Korn Ferry Inclusive Leader Model.
    • Practical applications to real-world business scenarios.
  2. Global Business Practices:
    • Discussions on how different cultures impact business operations.
    • Insights into regional business norms and practices.
  3. Constructive Dialogue:
    • Discussions to address complex domestic and international challenges.
    • Enhancing collaboration skills through multicultural perspectives.

Benefits for Students:

  • Cultural Competence: Gain insights into different cultures and their impact on business practices.
  • Global Awareness: Stay informed about international market trends and geopolitical factors.
  • Teamwork: Improve ability to collaborate with peers to solve complex business challenges.
  • Practical Frameworks: Apply industry-recognized models to real-world scenarios, enhancing analytical skills.