Our Vision

Helping drive the future of retail

At the Center of Retail Innovation, we recognize that retail is driven by the use of technology to better communicate with customers and channel partners. With retail supply chains increasingly getting global, the use of analytical decision making tools has changed the way retailers match supply with demand. With our team of faculty-teacher scholars, staff, students, and through engagement and collaboration with industry partners, we are committed to design best practices to help drive the future of retail.  


Our Mission

  • Provide students with unique, practical learning experiences, enabling them to become impactful managers while building connections to preferred career opportunities.
  • Provide faculty with research opportunities that generate knowledge to which the industry turns.  Our faculty will be a go-to resource for innovative research in the retail space, publishing findings in both academic and practitioner-oriented journals.
  • Provide retailers with an understanding of the business impact of evolving retail methodologies, analyses, and technologies.
  • Provide brand marketers with an opportunity to develop innovations in retail through collaboration with our faculty, students and business partners.
  • Provide technology partners with connectivity to retailers, brand marketers, students and faculty, participating in the development of scholarly thinking and practical applications.

This mission for our Center is accomplished through:

  • Our alliance with leading-edge industry resources and providers. The Wake Forest University School of Business dedicated faculty and students will help identify and test a roadmap of cutting-edge innovations designed to redefine the retail landscape and the way manufacturers and companies think about retail.
  • A network of retail learning labs and interactive workshops. The Wake Forest University School of Business faculty and students will provide brand marketers and the retail industry with quantitative insights and shopper purchase data that can be game-changing in the retail industry.
  • An end-of-year symposium involving all constituents. The Wake Forest University School of Business retail-focused faculty and students will review and discuss our findings, prepare data-generated recommendations for presentation to the industry, and publish takeaways in the most well-read academic and practitioner-oriented journals.

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