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This page is designed as a resource for faculty and staff of the School of Business in order to answer COVID related questions unique to the School. If you do not see your question below, please submit it using the comments section at the bottom of this page. If your question is not specific to the School of Business, please refer to the University’s Our Way Forward site.


Classroom Management (3)

Q: How will classroom spaces be available to students in Farrell Hall when not being used for mask-to-mask instruction? A: The following rooms will be available to students outside of in-person classes as Totally Silent Study Space:
  • A17
  • A27+A28
  • 104
  • 111
  • 151
  • 155
  • 349+351
  • Bern Beatty Colloquium
  • Information Commons
The following spaces will be available to students when not otherwise reserved, for Online Class Participation and General Study Space:
  • A23
  • A43
  • 108
  • 157
  • 247
  • 256
  • 348
  • 353
  • A43

Q: Where can I find the “Standard Operating Procedures” that faculty will use to manage classroom environments?


Q: In a classroom environment, how would I know if a student had a documented medical need that should result in individual accommodations to any COVID19 policy?

A: The WFU Student Health Service would require documentation of a medical or disabling condition that limits a person’s ability to meet certain expectations (for example, wearing a mask). Campus health officials would then work with the student on providing that information to faculty via our normal documented accommodations processes. Though such situations would be evaluated on an individual basis, one possible reasonable accommodation for such a condition could be that a student receive instruction through online means remotely and not come to campus.

Facilities/Operations (6)

Q: Will students be able to access the Auditorium Level student refrigerators, microwaves, and vending machines?

A: Yes, but should be encouraged to clean touched surfaces before and after use. Cleaning products and sanitizer will also be made available for these tasks.

Q: Where will students be able to eat and drink in Farrell Hall?

A:  Students will be able to eat and drink in outdoor spaces and indoor common areas. For example, the Founders Living Room, and the 2nd floor balcony (Medlin Student Commons).

Food and drink will not be permitted in Farrell Hall classrooms or study rooms (apart from brief intermittent sips of water as needed during class).

Q: How will students access printers in WFUSB facilities?

A: Touchless printing:

Q: What are the operating hours and access permissions for Farrell Hall and the Charlotte Center?


Q: Who can I speak with about the necessary steps for potentially planning and registering an on-site event for business school students, faculty, or staff? What should I expect to be prepared for?

A: Posed 8/20/20. Undergraduate student organizations should contact The Office of Student Engagement.

WFUSB Graduate Student Organizations should contact their advisor or Jaysen Williams (

WFUSB Faculty and Staff seek approval to convene any in-person event or meeting by completing an approval process with University Events.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Wake Forest University faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to conduct non-class activities virtually. When in-person activities (such as meetings, tutoring, co-curricular activities, etc) can be conducted in compliance with social distancing requirements, such activities should be minimal in size and duration to the extent feasible. All event planners should be prepared to complete thorough forms, event planning discussions and be subject to review that aligns with the University-wide Space Usage & Prioritization Policy, 2.C.02.

Q: Who orders PPE and cleaning supplies for Business School facilities, and where can we access it?


Due to challenging market conditions, the University has made large centralized purchases of critical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and disinfectant supplies on behalf of campus departments, including:

  • Respirators & Masks (PPE)
  • Eye & Face Protection (PPE)
  • Gowns & Gloves (PPE)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disinfectant Wipes

The Building Operations Department within the School of Business has been approved to order PPE supplies for both Farrell Hall and the WFUCC. Locations will be stocked as needed on a weekly basis. If a need arises, please contact the School of Business Help Desk with your request for supplies.

Off-campus Students (1)

Q: Where can an off-campus student go for more information about resources available to them, or COVID19 health & safety expectations specific to students who live off campus?

A: Off-campus students can refer to this website ( for information about off-campus resources.  Additional COVID19 health and safety expectations, all students should refer to Our Way Forward;

Scheduling (1)

Q: How do I know which Staff are on campus working?

A: Visit the following link to see a list of who is on-campus each day.

Category: Scheduling

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