Preparing for a life after college with knowledge and skills to manage personal relationships and professional choices, and to be an authentic, ethical leader contributing to the community with a spirit of Pro Humanitate.

Why it Matters

Leading an authentic and meaningful life is the core of Wake Forest’s commitment to educating the whole person. To do so, it is imperative for you to not only find a job and be successful in the workplace, but to honor and focus on the development of your own character, values and strengths.

First Action

  • Visit the Alumni Personal & Career Development website to access tools, resources, and guidance for your life after college; and read “Five For Your First Five: Own Your Career and Life After College” to learn the five areas for young adults to master in the first five years after Wake Forest.

Deeper Dive

  • Intentionally reflect on college, first professional experiences and what you know now about your personal values, strengths, and interests.
  • You can learn strategies for managing priorities and finances through CashCourse which can be found here.
  • Build community with people who can provide feedback, mentorship and connect to helpful resources.