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The Center for Market Readiness and Employment supports your career and professional development by offering tools, resources, coaching, and access to industry professionals to help you achieve your career objectives. Housed in the Student Engagement Suite on the ground level of Farrell Hall, and with representatives in the Wake Forest Charlotte Center, the MR&E Center comprises a team of dedicated professionals who offer career coaching, career development resources, and a range of recruiting and networking events.

“I knew there was a significant amount of work involved with changing careers.  The MRE Center was able to help me identify the careers I wanted to pursue, restructure my resumé, and provide me with the coaching to get the exact job that I wanted.  I have nothing but great things to say about the Market Readiness team and the help they gave me.”

Adam Richeson, MBA ‘11

Meet the Staff – Center for Market Readiness & Employment


Mercy EyadielMercy Eyadiel – Chief Corporate Engagement Officer, Market Readiness & Employment

336-758-2138 | E-mail


Mike CrespiMike Crespi –  Director, Market Readiness & Employment

336-758-5814 | E-mail


Sharron Vogler

Sharron Vogler – Associate Director, Market Readiness & Employment

336-758-2418 | E-mail


Caleigh McElweeCaleigh McElwee – Associate Director, Market Readiness & Employment

336-758-5975 | E-mail


Jen Ruggiero

Jen Ruggiero – Assistant Director, Market Readiness & Employment

336-758-3092| E-mail


Becca Johnson Chase

Becca Johnson Chase – Associate Director, Market Readiness & Employment

336-758-3092| E-mail


Marcus Sanderlin

Marcus Sanderlin – Associate Director, Market Readiness & Employment

336-758-3092| E-mail


Bridget Holcombe

Bridget Holcombe – Career Consultant, Market Readiness & Employment

336-758-3092| E-mail


Lisa Simmons

Lisa Simmons – Associate Director, Employer Experience

336-758-4485 | E-mail


Dana Hutchens

Dana Hutchens – Assistant Director, Employer Experience

336-758-5246 | E-mail


Amy Bull

Amy Bull – Assistant Director, Employer Experience

336-758-4046 | E-mail


Mallory Allred

Mallory Allred – On-Campus Recruiting Coordinator, Employer Experience

336-758-2463| E-mail


Lori SykesLori Sykes – Associate Director, Employer Relations

336-758-3850 | E-mail


John Lovett

John Lovett – Associate Director, Employer Relations

336-758-7379 | E-mail


Ashley Phipps

Ashley Phipps – Assistant Director, Employer Relations

336-758-4389| E-mail


Colleen Vondohlen

Colleen VonDohlen – Associate Director, Market Readiness & Employment, Winston-Salem Evening MBA program

336-758-3849 | E-mail


Lisa Bryant

Lisa Bryant – Event Manager, Market Readiness & Employment

336-758-5038 | E-mail


Meko LawsonMeko Lawson – Market Readiness & Employment Coordinator

336-758-4119 | E-mail




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