Connecting you to Employers and Alumni

Bringing Employers to You

In addition to the support of a career coach, the MR&E Center houses University Employer Relations, the team that recruits employers to our campus for information sessions and onsite interviews. With a cross-program focus, the Employer Relations team strives to develop recruiting relationships that will offer opportunities for all School of Business graduates. Major employers from across the country come to recruit at Wake Forest presenting a range of employment opportunities for our students via the online career management system Handshake. Learn More.

Connecting You to the Alumni Community

The Wake Forest University network of alumni is 65,000 strong with more than 15,000 School of Business graduates. This robust and diverse network plays an active role in the career development of our students. The MR&E Center hosts a number of events on and off campus to connect you with alumni from a range of industries. From panel discussions to company site visits, there are many opportunities for you to meet and learn from business leaders:

  • Wake Forest Connects – This group hosts events in major cities on the east coast to provide unique opportunities to connect large numbers of students with alumni for networking and career development.
  • Mentoring – This mutually beneficial activity connects current students with alumni on a personal level. Our engaged alumni play an essential role in mentoring students both formally and informally through the various mentor programs offered through the School of Business.
  • Online Networks – School of Business alumni are active on social media and participate actively in Wake Forest groups. The Wake Forest Career Connectors group on LinkedIn is just one example of these networks in action. The School of Business boasts over 6,000 community members who have indicated a willingness to support students and alumni with networking and job searching.
  • On Campus Recruiting – A number of employers enlist their Wake Forest alumni to come back to campus to recruit from their alma mater so you will have the opportunity to meet and network with alumni during company information sessions and campus career fairs.
  • Career Development Sessions – Alumni are regularly invited to campus to participate in industry panel discussions. The Center also engages alumni to host career development workshops on areas of expertise such as networking and interviewing. Alumni have also been a tremendous resource for conducting mock interviews with students to help with market readiness.

Career Fairs

Career Fairs and Conferences allow students and staff members to showcase the valuable talent that Wake Forest Schools of Business has to offer potential employers.

Below are a few of the fairs and conferences in which Wake Forest Schools of Business participates:

  • National Black MBA Association Conference and Career Fair
  • National Society of Hispanic MBAs Conference and Career Fair