Polish Your Professional Savvy

The EY Professional Development Center

The EY Professional Development Center was established in the summer of 2008 to help undergraduate business students enhance their overall professional development and job-ready skills. The Center is designed to build on students’ strengths and the high-quality education received at the School of Business. The additional programs and coaching gained through the EY Professional Development Center allow them to sharpen their competitive edge in obtaining top-notch positions in businesses and other organizations, while facilitating progress along their chosen career path and increasing their potential for leadership roles.

“Our ultimate goal is that Wake Forest graduates will be able to quickly and confidently assimilate into their respective business and corporate settings, adding value and professional contributions to their employer while earning respect and career advancement.”
– Sam Beck, Director of Student Professional Development

Programs and coaching facilitated through the EY Professional Development Center are aimed at enhancing students’ business savvy and professionalism, while further developing skills cited by employers as necessary for career success. Students will have the opportunity to develop competencies and receive instruction in such areas as:

  • Professional presence, including projecting competence and credibility at work
  • Personal brand strategies
  • Self-management, including self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Teambuilding and group effectiveness
  • Career management
  • Working with diversity
  • Understanding corporate culture and office politics
  • Time management, including maximizing efficiency and implementing workflow systems
  • Business etiquette and professional protocol
  • Developing a professional wardrobe
  • Networking and developing professional contacts
  • Skills assessment and skills acquisition strategies
  • Other skills and competencies critical to success in today’s workplace.

The EY Professional Development Center is located in Room 243 of Farrell Hall. Program schedules and information, as well as individual appointments for career counseling and coaching, are available in the Center. Please note the Center is not available to all programs.

“The EY Professional Development Center provides a unique opportunity for students to acquire the higher-level skills and knowledge to be exceedingly prepared for career success on day one. This adds value to our students and to our employers. We are confident that the Wake Forest graduate will possess not only the competence, motivation and expertise to do the job but the additional development in self-awareness, personal management, broad-based communication and interpersonal effectiveness that will allow them to excel.”