The Pre-pitch Crazy

Stephanie Skordas
Stephanie Skordas

One of the things I loved about my prior life (my pre-MBA sales career) is the pressure that goes with being a salesperson. To me, there are few things as exciting as the days/hours leading up to a pitch meeting with a big client. It has been about two years since I have gotten that feeling, but I certainly got to feel it again this week.

Our big University pitch is next week, so on Friday our team made our first presentation of the PowerPoint deck to one of the bosses of the office. To put it nicely, he wasn’t impressed. At all. There were many areas he felt our team was missing, and he wasn’t shy about letting us know where the presentation was off.

The biggest issue he had was the story and organization of the presentation. In his mind the ideas the team had in the presentation were exceptional, but the presentation-which is 60 minutes long- lost him at points.

The more I work on big presentations, the more I see this issue happen. It seems like most people have great ideas, and great ideas of how to execute on these ideas, but they struggle to communicate this in an organized way in a presentation. I had the same problem with my internship this summer when I was developing my 45 minute final presentation. With the short time between our run-through on Friday and the final presentation on Monday, the team will have to work furiously to make the story much more cohesive. I have included two pictures with this blog post in an attempt to capture some of the craziness. These pictures are of our “war area” where the team spent all of Friday brainstorming ways to improve the presentation.