Masters in Management Students show (undergrad) School Spirit

Zenab Keita
Zenab Keita

Today was Rep Your School Day amongst the MAs and it was so awesome getting to see the assortment of schools that the MA program represents! Friendly rivalries were brought up, school pride was enforced and new connections over old backgrounds were made. There were some people that I had interacted with all year that I never knew went to their respective schools. I was so impressed that all of our different backgrounds were able to come together successfully in a business setting.

It is now March and we have worked for 9 months in classes and teams to get through difficult classes and challenging projects, and I believe that meshing the diverse values and skills we picked up in our colleges together were what helped us achieve this under the roof of Wake Forest Business School. We have all embraced being Demon Deacons, but because we have not let go of our love and pride for our undergraduate institutions, we have been able to bring these differences to Wake in order to enhance the program and our experiences. 

Great job to the MA Program’s “Sweet Sixteen” group of students that coordinate these social events throughout the year to give us opportunities to bond like this and experience one another. Looking forward to our upcoming Talent Show! 

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