3 Reasons to get a Master of Arts in Management Degree at Wake Forest

Joshua Bryant
Joshua Bryant

I’m interested in Public Health and realized during my senior year of undergrad that I wanted to pursue obtaining a Master’s in Public Health. However, there are many concentrations in the field, and I was unsure of which path to take.

I decided to pursue my Master of Arts in Management degree at Wake Forest for 3 reasons: 

1. Structure and Direction

 The MA in Management program at Wake Forest provided the direction I needed both in regards to education and career development. The program also mimics a work environment, which will be beneficial in the future.

2. Better job opportunities

As a liberal arts double major (anthropology and human health), my job prospects were thin. Many of the job applications asked for candidates with Master’s degrees, data analysis experience or previous work experience; all things that I didn’t have. The MA program has drastically improved my position in the job market

3. Gain business experience

This may seem obvious but business is everywhere. Having the skills to navigate in the business world is crucial, and this program provides an introduction to that. 

Originally from Houston, Texas, Joyelle Fleming is a Master of Arts in Management candidate from Emory University. During her time at Emory, Joyelle earned a BA in Anthropology and Human Health before attending Wake Forest University School of Business. Joyelle has always had an interest in the health field, and developed an interest in Public Health from several internship experiences. In the future, Joyelle hopes to obtain her Master’s in Public Health or an MBA with a concentration in healthcare administration. In her free time Joyelle likes to make crafts, learn how to cook, exercise and watch Netflix and reality TV.