Apply to the Wake Forest University School of Business

BEMtabletop0007Wake Forest undergraduates apply to the School of Business in the spring of their sophomore year. Each year we limit acceptances and admission is competitive, so it’s important to keep your grades strong.

Whether you choose to major in Business and Enterprise Management, Accountancy, Finance or Business Mathematics, you will learn as much about yourself and society as you will about business.

School of Business Requirements

Minimum requirements for consideration of admission to the Wake Forest University School of Business:

  • Completion of 49 hours with an overall grade point average of 2.7
  • Completion of ECN 150, MTH 111 or 112 (MTH 112 or the equivalent for the Mathematical Business major), ACC 111 (with a minimum C grade in each course) and one additional business course (ACC 221, BEM 201, 221, 251, 261, or FIN 231)

How to Apply

  1. Attend the School of Business Sophomore Orientation. Every year we offer a special program (typically in January) to help students learn more about undergraduate business majors. During Sophomore Orientation, you will receive a brief overview of majors, special programs and international opportunities and will attend two information sessions on the majors that interest you. We’ll also give you instructions on accessing the online application.
  2. Submit your online application (will open in January, 2016). While we consider your overall GPA, we also review your grades in the prerequisite courses and your application essay.
  3. Wait for your email. You will be notified by email of your application status.