Full-Time MBA Stories

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Melissa Berry, MBA ’16

Strong academics, high rankings, and prestigious alumni attracted Full-time MBA student Melissa Berry to the School of Business. When she compared Wake Forest’s program to others, Melissa said what really stood out for her was the community of faculty, staff and alumni. People were the prime reason she chose Wake Forest;  so, when the School provided the financial support that enabled her to join the program, Melissa knew she had found her community.

Sherry Moss, Professor of Organizational Studies

Professor Sherry Moss has spent more than a decade teaching students at the School, but she never tires of hearing about their success. While emails and phone calls keep her connected with her former students, nothing is more heartwarming than when a student comes back to Wake Forest – whether it is for a quick visit around an alumni event or to share their expertise with our students. She encourages all our alumni to stay in touch; to connect with current students, fellow classmates or our alumni network; to offer their expertise as a speaker or a mentor; or to simply soak up lifelong learning opportunities as we continue to educate the whole person.

Josh McCutchen, MBA ’09

The Wake Forest MBA gave Josh McCutchen, MBA ’09 just about everything important in his life – his family (he met his wife during their time together during the full-time MBA program), his friends and his job. Not a day goes by where he isn’t in contact with one of his classmates or faculty members both personally and professionally. Because of the impact the program made on him, he feels it is important to give back in ways such as sharing his experience and professional guidance with students, and also working with the Center for Retail Innovation and the Retail Learning Lab.

Michael Reece, MBA ’04

One of the reasons Michael wanted to get his MBA was for the connections he knew he would make. To this day he is still in touch with many of his classmates and still reaps the benefits of the extensive alumni network. One particular opportunity he has taken advantage of is lifelong learning. This semester he is auditing a marketing class led by Roger Beahm, and is excited to see what the class has to offer. Michael encourages all alumni to take advantage of the opportunities available to them through the School as they will experience many benefits.

Howard Upchurch, MBA ’87

President of Innerwear at Hanes Brands Inc., Howard Upchurch, MBA ’87 comes to the Wake Forest School of Business to recruit talent from all programs because the company has had a successful track record of placing students. He also discusses the importance of brands adapting over time to best serve the market and feels that the recent changes within the School were necessary to keep the brand healthy and growing. He observes that although the products at the School may change, the quality of the students and education will only improve.