Pre-Work Assignments & Textbooks 

Below are a number of resources and action items designed to help you prepare for your MBA program this Fall.

Technology Overview (required)

Please complete the Technology Overview prior to August 22, 2018.  This site contains video modules that will familiarize you with the technology available at the School of Business.  It should take 20-30 minutes to complete.  Click here to begin:

During orientation, there will be a brief technology session to configure your laptop for the WFU network and to give you an opportunity to ask additional questions.

Title IX Training (required)

Introduction to Understanding and Preventing Sexual Misconduct (sign-off required)

  • The Wake Forest University Title IX Office and the School of Business Integrative Student Services team has collaborated to produce this training, which was specifically developed with the needs of MBA students in mind, and articulates important standards regarding our life together in the WFU community.
  • Please read through the following information:
  • Click here to confirm that you have reviewed this material.

Biographical Information

  • Click here to complete the brief biographical survey.  This information is shared with fellow students and Evening MBA program faculty and staff.

Emergency Contact Information

  • Click here to provide emergency contact information.

Management Communications Online Course (recommended, as needed)

The Management Communications Online Course by Harvard Business Publishing provides students with the skills and guided practice necessary to master fundamental concepts in business communication. The course is organized into three core topics of planning, writing, and presenting. A special emphasis is placed on influencing action in the workplace by leading more effectively through well-organized and successfully-executed business communication strategies. The cost is $55, which gives you access to the website for 1 year to use as needed. Seat time is between 18-22 hours.

Click here for more information and to create an account and register.

Effective Learning Session at Orientation

At the School of Business, faculty often use the case study method to help students develop strategic thinking skills.  Dean Charles Iacovou will facilitate a session at Orientation using a sample case to demonstrate this method of teaching.   Watch for an email with the link to the case and the accompanying articles to be sent soon.

New Student Agreements

  • Click here to read the new student agreements.
  • The purpose of presenting them here is so that you have the opportunity to review them prior to Orientation.
  • You will sign these forms, or slight variations of these forms, during Orientation.

Academic Calendar

  • Click here to see the 2018-19 academic calendar, which shows the dates you will have class for the first year of the program.


All textbooks are required and are included with your tuition.  Books will be distributed at Orientation.


Contact Pat Peacock, Associate Director, Winston-Salem Evening MBA Integrative Student Services, at 336.758.4573 or