We recruit at Wake for Drive
Cody Hoyt, MBA ’14

Recruiter for Hanesbrands

Recent graduate Cody Hoyt, MBA ’14, currently works as a financial analyst at Hanesbrands. He jumped at the chance to come back to Wake Forest and recruit for his company because he has seen first-hand the strong work-ethic of the students. He notes the unquenchable thirst for knowledge and success that makes up the culture of the School of Business.

We recruit at Wake for Collaboration
Maya Pollock, MA ’14

Recruiter for United Technologies Corporation

Recent MA in Management graduate Maya Pollock visited the 2014 Fall Career Fair to recruit talent for United Technologies Corporation (UTC). UTC recruits year after year at Wake Forest School of Business because they know graduates will be hardworking, team-driven and adaptable, three characteristics extremely important to UTC as they employ over 200,000 employees all over the world. Maya was particularly impressed at the level of professionalism students displayed at the Career Fair.

We recruit at Wake for Communication
Peter Geissinger

Recruiter for CSX

Having graduated from the MA in Management program in 2013, Peter Geissinger is back at Wake Forest recruiting for CSX. He notes that the recruiting process at Wake Forest is beneficial because students are professional, direct and honest. CSX values Wake Forest students because they are well-rounded, diverse and can communicate clearly.

We recruit at Wake for Strategic Thinking
Ryan Emerson, MA ’12

Recruiter for EY

Wake Forest School of Business graduate Ryan Emerson describes the revitalizing energy recruiters at EY find in Wake Forest students. He notes that the students are unique in the sense that they are willing to buckle down and get the job done while strategically thinking about the future.

We recruit at Wake for Core Values
Amanda Howell, BS ’12

Recruiter for Dish Network

Amanda Howell, BS ’12 currently works at Dish Network and regularly returns to Wake Forest to recruit new talent for her company. Amanda explains that Dish like to hire Wake Forest graduates because they find students who are proud of their achievements and values and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

We recruit at Wake for Analytical Skills
David Kahn

Recruiter for PNC Bank

David Kahn, a Managing Director at PNC Bank says that PNC first came to recruit at Wake Forest because of the high caliber accounting program. Due to the success of their recruits, they continue to return year after year. They find that graduates have a combination of maturity, real-life experience, and an analytical skill-set that adds value to their organization.

We recruit at Wake for Real-life experience
Logan Meyers

Recruiter for Grant Thornton

Recruiter Logan Myers from Grant Thornton LLP explains what differentiates Wake Forest students and why they excel at their jobs.

We recruit at Wake for Academics
Michael Hamon

Recruiter for KPMG

Michael Hamon, MA ’12, and recruiter with KMPG says that KMPG recruits at Wake Forest because it is one of the best schools in the region and it consistently graduates high-caliber students. They have found that Wake Forest students have a high level of drive and excel at academics. Historically, graduates from the School of Business perform exceedingly well at KMPG and go above and beyond their duties on a day-to-day basis.

We recruit at Wake for Excellence
Sydney Thomas

Recruiter for MaxPoint Interactive

MaxPoint Interactive looks for excellence. Sydney Thomas, BA '11, MA ’13, and a recruiter for MaxPoint says that excellence is precisely what they find in Wake Forest business students. Sydney describes Wake students as having the whole package. Graduates are well rounded with great personalities, attention to detail, organization skills, effective communications, and a self-starter work ethic.

We recruit at Wake for Business Acumen
Andrew Blaisdell

Recruiter for CEB

Andrew Blaisdell, BS ’03, currently works at CEB, a member-based advisory company and regularly visits Wake Forest to recruit Business School students. CEB values graduates because they offer three things: a high quality business acumen, broad exposure to the business world, and strong communication skills.